Friday, September 6, 2013

Say Cheese

This past month has been a big month for me. 

I'm slowly learning how to let go, just a little bit, as I send Grace off to kindergarten.

Grace is enjoying herself.  She comes home every day sharing her adventures and all the new things she is learning.

When I see her at pick up, my heart fills with even more love for her.  I feel a new appreciation for the time we do have together.

And, when she asks for a couple extra minutes of snuggling before bed, I relish the extra time.

So, this month, get in front of the camera and share you own story...whatever it might be.

While Wearing Heels

Come back Friday September 27th and share your own story in self portrait form.


  1. Love this!! And love the picture of you two walking off with umbrellas. Those are my favorite shots....from behind. This would be cute in B&W with just the umbrellas in color :)

  2. Oh I can remember that feeling like it was yesterday - treasure her ( before you know it you'll be dancing at her wedding - I swear to you it happens in the blink of an eye !!! )
    Much love,

  3. Very sweet pics, you are so right to treasure these special moments.

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  4. Oh bed time snuggles its sad when they stop, enjoy them. Great theme!

  5. What Suzan said is true...they grow up so fast and I think I cried more at my sons wedding than I did on his first day of school!

  6. As usual the tender way you talk about your daughter makes me smile.

  7. This month is such a huge one, isn't it? I don't know if I'm going to be able to "let go" quite like I think I can. I'm so thrilled to hear that Grace is loving her Kindergarten class. And it's awesome that you're capturing all of these moments with your camera - I must take more self-portraits!

  8. They are hard to resist, especially when they are sleeping :)

  9. These pics are so adorable. I love the snuggly one :) And I totally agree with Tasha too.. the umbrella pic would be amazing in B&W with the umbrellas in color.

  10. That is so sweet. She's a precious little girl.


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