Wednesday, November 20, 2013

While Wearing Heels Etsy Update

The While Wearing Heels Etsy shop, admittedly, had been ignored the past few months.  The virtual shelves grew dusty and were sadly empty. 

The woodaholic (Mr. While Wearing Heels) decided to do something about it.  To the shed he escaped where he raided our seemingly endless supply of barn wood.

Barn wood trees began sprouting up...

some covered with a dusting of snow.

Barn wood frames were made...


and I was left to paper piece a Union Jack flag to fill it.

Architectural pieces...

 and propellers were mounted for display.

The While Wearing Heels Etsy shop no longer looks like it has been abandoned.  The shelves are stocked and dusted. 

Now the only thing that needs dusting, is the car. 

No telling what the woodaholic will be up to next.


  1. How much is that Brittish Flag piece ? Love it YOUR work is amazing. I will have to find your shop . SO glad that I found your blog my friend. oxooxox HUGS and have a blessed week

  2. Love these. He does beautiful work!

    1. Thanks so much Erin. You are going to give the woodaholic a big head :)

  3. Wow!! I just have a study-aholic right now. Some day he'll be done with school. Dreams wistfully of that day. Beautiful pieces!!

  4. Wow, he's very talented! Good stuff.

  5. I LOVE the wood trees.. especially the ones with the snow!! :D

  6. Some very cool pieces! I love the propeller! :)

  7. My favorite is the propeller too. :)
    Fun ideas!

  8. I love those trees - but I think that the Union Jack art is my fave! Woo hoo to the Etsy shop being stocked again!

  9. I love the trees & the propeller it would be perfect for a boys room. Mr WWH does some awesome things even if the dusty car is the price he pays.

  10. The Woodaholic is good with wood. I'm pinning those little barn wood trees. Just don't tell him I hope to copy them.

  11. I am in love with those wooden trees! So awesome.

  12. Man, those trees are cool! Love, love, love. The talent in your whole family is just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I do love those trees! So interesting. Of course, I love the snow dusted ones the best!

  14. I luv it all! and I told santa I want a set of those trees. and I told santa I've been a very very very good girl this year!


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