Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Felt Leaf Garland Tutorial

It's fall y'all.   Around these parts it means, raking leaves.

This felt leaf garland reminds me of all the best things about fall, minus the raking of the leaves.

First, grab some felt.  Fall colors preferably.

Cut out leaf shapes until you develop carpal tunnel syndrome...or hopefully just before that point.

Arrange your leaves in whatever pattern you'd like.  

Head to your sewing machine.

Begin by sewing straight through your first leaf.  Grab the next leaf from your stack and push it through, as you near the end of the first leaf.  If the foot doesn't catch the next leaf, simply raise the foot and position the next leaf to sew.  Continue pushing through the next leaf in the stack until you reach the end of the pile.  Lock in your stitch.


You've made a leaf garland.

Find a place to string them.

hang them

Or place them.

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  1. Very pretty...I like the color combo you created here. :) You are the felt queen my friend, and you always make it look lovely.

  2. Hopefully you stopped before the carpal tunnel set in. I love the colors you chose here, very Fall, but not, just brown. I also like the layered look of the pink and cream leaves. Very pretty.

  3. Adorable! It would look cute with holly leaves and mistletoe for Christmas.

  4. Near the point of carpal tunnel, wahahahahha. Beautiful garland for decorating!! I used to decorate for the seasons, but that fell by the wayside when we had our first kid. How do you find the energy??

  5. Beautiful! I love it. I wanted to comment on Grace's costume but couldn't so I will tell you here how adorable she was!! :)

  6. That is so beautiful, seriously you will always remain the felt queen!!!

  7. So pretty! You just keep making me want to sew!

  8. LOVE this. Wish I could sew. I tried to comment on Grace's costume--it is adorable! All of it.

  9. Very lovely Amy! You come up with the best felt ideas!

  10. Very cute and simple way to decorate for fall. Simple, but statement making!

  11. I loved this the first time I saw it, and I love it again! I love garland - and your felt work is always fantastic!


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