Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Day at a Butterfly House

We finally had an opportunity to visit a butterfly house.  Let me just say, if you haven't been to a butterfly house...stop what you are doing right now and google local butterfly houses.  This is such an amazing experience for kids of all ages as well as for adults. 

Grace and I were both captivated as we watched 100s of butterflies fly, feed and land around us.

In addition to seeing all these beautiful butterflies, we also learned some fun butterfly facts. 

Did you know, butterflies taste with their feet?

Another fun fact, butterflies need it to have about an 85 degree body temperature in order to fly.  Butterflies are cold blooded and can't regulate their temperatures so they require warm sunny days in order to fly. 

The day that we visited the butterfly house, it was a partially cloudy cooler day.  When the sun was shining into the screened in butterfly house, the butterflies happily flew around.  When a cloud past, they settled into the beautiful flowers flightless.

But the saddest butterfly fact, of all, the average life span of most butterflies is 2-4 weeks.

From the moment they emerge from their chrysalis their sole purposes in life are to eat and mate.

Knowing that they live such a short amount of time, makes me want to stop and appreciate their beauty even more.

The number one rule of any butterfly house is 'do not touch the butterflies'.  Of course, if they should decide to land on you, that is fine.  We saw butterflies land on a few people.  The butterflies were drawn to people wearing bright neon colored clothing and little girls with faux flowers in their hair.

Grace sat quietly and patiently, desperately hoping a butterfly would land on her.  Though no butterflies landed on her, one did flutter right past her face, wings flapping in her face.  Being *kissed* by a butterfly satisfied her enough that we were able to leave.  But, we'll be back, in our brightly colored shirts to try again.

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  1. So fun, we love the butterfly enclosure too, I did not know that about the clothing colours though, going to keep that in mind next ime we go.

    Eating and mating, life might be short but sounds like they're partying the entire time ;)

  2. I went to one in New England. It was wonderful!

  3. I love butterflies! Looks like you two had a good time. There is a butterfly house in my tiny town and it's just up the street from where I work. Always a good time!

  4. I luv it! when we went to Canada they have national butterfly exhibit and it was absolutely amazing! a blue morpho landed on me (it was close to our 10 yr anniversary and a blue morpho landed on me at moody gardens on our honeymoon) I definitely want to go back there one day! I have some awesome milk weed that is beautiful yellow, orange and pink that attracts a TON of butterflies

  5. How beautiful Amy! We have a butterfly palace in Branson but I have never been. Maybe I should take Jacob. I did not know that butterflies had such a short lifespan! I'll start appreciating them even more now as well. Your pictures are so pretty and thanks for sharing them!

  6. We went to one in Niagara Falls here in Canada a few years ago and it was amazing! I've always loved butterflies in our gardens.Your photos are so beautiful.

  7. What a beautiful and magical experience!!! I love the photo of the orange ones against the green flowers and the white with the orange flowers. Cute that' you'll be back with bright shirts! I also learned last year that butterflies have short life spans and not to touch them. I also learned that moths form cocoons and butterflies form chrysalises. It's a shame that our local one is closed this year for renovations. And no wonder it's so hot in the house!

  8. That is an adorable picture of Grace waiting for a butterfly to land. I'm so glad she got a 'butterfly kiss"!

  9. Aw...I'm sure Grace loved it. She looks like she is being super patient too.

  10. Love the photos today. And you are so creative with the butterfly kiss. Sweet!
    Sam was 9 and Atticus was 7 when we took them to a butterfly garden, we need to do it again. It is a magical place to visit.
    Thank you for the facts too.

  11. Well, at least she got a kiss from a butterfly. I think this looks like such a fun adventure.

  12. I didn't even know these existed. I will definitely look for local butterfly houses

  13. Ahh, the butterfly house. For me, it has been quite elusive. There's one in Branson that I have planned on going to so many times, but have never quite made it. I even got as far as the parking lot once, but we ran out of time and didn't go in. I'm going to go one day!
    I didn't know they had such a short life span, poor butterflies!
    Thanks Amy, for all the beautiful photos, almost as good as being there (and going inside!).


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