Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fairy Gardens

A few weeks ago, a local garden center had a week dedicated to celebrating fairies.  In our household, fairies are celebrated on a daily basis, so this festival was one we fully embraced. 

Part of the festival of fairies included discovering hidden fairy gardens nestled within each beautiful palette of flowers. 

My fairy lover was MESMERIZED. 

Each section we explored there was a touch of fairy whimsy waiting to be discovered and celebrated.

Something about these quaint miniaturized houses tucked in lush bits of greenery...

It makes you want to believe in the magic of fairies.

It makes you want to carefully watch...

and photograph...

hoping you'll glimpse a fairy.

Gardens are certainly beautiful places on their own...

but, when you add a bit of charm in miniature form...

gardens are transformed from beautiful...

to mesmerizing.

Our day ended with a hands on opportunity to create our own fairy garden.

With a few upgrades, we brought home our very own fairy garden.

Unfortunately, these fairies would rather dance on log slices and fish from sea shells than tend to the plants.  Our fairy garden plants are no longer lush and green but the fairies don't seem to care.  Since they obviously don't have a green thumb (much like myself), our fairy garden will soon be turned into a succulent fairy garden.

If you love all things fairies, make sure to check out how to entice fairies with a fun fairy soup recipe.


  1. This event could not have been more perfect! It must have been delightful to watch Grace search up and down and deep into the greenery to find the little scenes!!! Very nicely done event. And what a great take-home, your very own fairy garden!! I love the arch and the fishing out of the seashell. I actually didn't realize there was such interest in fairies until I read it here on your blog. I must be missing out :). A succulent garden sounds like my kind of garden. Though I like rock gardens too ;).

  2. What a fun event. I love how these little gardens look. I think I see a fairy garden in my future. Grace looks like she was in heaven there. Beautiful pictures.

  3. We went to something like that on a local farm a few years ago. My girls loved it too :)

    1. I'm going to have to think outside of the box and try to fill the fairy garden with frugal finds. All the cute knickknacks at the green house were so expensive.

    2. check out thrift stores, yard sales or $$ stores for knickknacks. our Hosparus thrift store has stuff like that for 50 cents to $1.

    3. Oh Nova, you are brilliant. I'm definitely going to do that. Thanks for saving me!

  4. Oh how beautiful, I love the picture of your little fairy loving photographer capturing them in the natural habitat :) One of these days I am going to make a fairy garden, although I think someone in the house may insist that the fairies need to catch a train or have a dragon so it's not too girly :) Beautiful, what a great way to get kids into gardening.

  5. Oh how sweet. I love fairy gardens and succulent gardens too. When my nephew was here, we went to the garden center looking at them and also for the miniature plants for a terrarium for my garden window in my kitchen.

  6. So much fun! I want to create a fairy garden with my girls but haven't taken the time - mine will have to be mainly a succulent garden too as I never seem to remember to water other plants enough :)

  7. luv it!! ok frugal fairy garden finds - mushrooms, which we all know are fairy houses, use the old glass insulators with a short piece of PVC pipe as the stem. the insulators fit perfectly over the pipe.

    sculpy clay for her to make her own fairys and fairy doors at the base of trees. oh I have ssssoooo many ideas she why I NEED a girl! I will have to get my niece and have her a fairy garden at "her shaddey's"! old clay pots that are broken you can sorta dig them into the ground with the door being the broken opening and I've known some frogs to have taken over said fairy home - I will say that living in texas and having the highest number of different snakes if I am working around said fairy home I make lots of noise.

  8. Love it. I just love fairy gardens. I do not have one as of yet, but I keep pinning ideas and thinking of ideas.

  9. What a fun activity! Guess what we're doing today? Making fairy soup. :)

  10. What a fun way to spend the day! I love that pic of Grace taking pics. Bet she's got her mother's eye for the camera!

  11. Thanks Amy! Those fairy garden beguiled me. Where I am usually very frugal and thoughtful in how I spend my money...I am so enchanted by the sweet (and expensive) miniatures I have a hard time saying no to buying new things for our garden.


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