Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Something old

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  Yes, this is a well known wedding tradition BUT why can't it be used as a decorating theme as well.

Something old. 

In my situation, finding something old requires a trip to the garage or shed.

And, sometimes, that during that trip to the garage or the shed I spy something remarkable.  


Something that *should* go on top of any number of pillars we appear to be collecting.


Although, in this situation, that something old...

becomes something new.

Instead of a cap to a vintage pillar, it becomes transformed into *something new* that I subsequently have decided to *borrow*.

Into my house that something old, something new something borrowed has gone.  Onto my kitchen island it sits in it's new life as a decorative pedestal; a holder of flowers, sweets or treats.

Now you are probably wondering what the something blue is, right?

Well, the something blue is this guy when he realizes the something borrowed is really not something borrowed at all since I have no intentions of ever giving it back.

And, that's how you decorate with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.


  1. I love it! What a wonderful idea! Poor guy....he's gonna have to lock up his stash of saved items to keep them safe from you! :)

  2. bahahahah sounds like my house - except we have no pillars that are amazing like that!!

  3. Haha it's gorgeous although I think me WWH is going to be reevaluating his hiding spots.

  4. Looks great! For looking blue he seems to be pretty

  5. i think i could spend a mighty fine afternoon rummaging thru your garage! hope you and your family are doing well. x

  6. You have no idea. I'm not even sure how many pillars we have. 5 maybe? I'm hoping to get some of them out of the garage and put on display!

  7. You have a pillar cartel going on at your house. Once you have control of them all, you can set any price you like!

  8. Cute post Amy! and I'd have 'borrowed' that too!

  9. LOL.. cute post Amy!! I wouldn't give it back either. ;)


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