Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Library ladder - Make It Work

There were a lot of good guesses about what we failed to consider in our library ladder install.  Though, they were all good guess, only one person came close to our technical issue...which made me feel so much better since it didn't even cross my mind.

We knew our 12 foot library ladder would need to be cut down by 4 feet.

We brought in the big guns to help with this, father of while wearing heels...my dad.

Of course, as soon as my dad saw the ladder, he mentioned there would be an issue with the angle of the steps. 

Our ladder would need to come out approximately 5 feet, at the bottom, to have the steps level. 

Where most ladders have rungs, the angle of a ladder isn't important.  When a ladder has steps, the angle of the ladder is apparently incredibly important.

My dad suggested we make a new ladder...um, no. 

We decided, we had to make do, we had to try and get the most angle possible from our narrow pantry and 'make it work' {yes another Tim Gunn moment for sure}

And, make it work is what we did.

BUT before I invite you into my new pantry.  Before you can appreciate how lovely it now is. 

You have to see what it looked like when we bought our house.

Tomorrow, I'll dazzle you with the pantry transformation....unless I run into other technical difficulties :)


  1. Dad to the rescue! I can't wait to see it tomorrow. I'm so jealous you have a walk in pantry. Wow!

  2. i can't wait to see the finished pantry :) i hate the suspense, lol!


  3. I never, ever would have guessed that in a million years! ;)

  4. I really hate the suspense! Can't wait to see it!


  5. What a smart man!!!! The thought would have never crossed my mind either! I cannot wait to see the finished pantry!!! YAY!

  6. Its looking great!

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  7. Ah.. wouldn't have thought of the angle. Can't wait to see how it looks!

  8. The ladder is absolutely gorgeous. Great find, and I can't wait to see it in use!

  9. oooohhhhh another day to have to wait?!?!?!?! i can't!! and i would have never thot of the angle thing either. i hope u post it super early!!!! i cant wait to see it. i too want a walkin pantry we have a small floor to ceiling door width pantry.

  10. oh! where did you find your ladder? i'm looking for an old orchard ladder. i want to use it as a blanket holder and lean it against the wall. but i've not found anything around the antique stores here, so i was thinking maybe online?

  11. I'm glad you were able to make it work. What a pain! Yay for awesome dads, can't wait to see it

  12. WOW! I can not wait. I love your idea. So glad you have a great dad...that is important. ;)

  13. EEEEEKKKK! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo for smart, helpful dads! Where did you get the ladder?

  14. Totally never would have guessed that. Beautiful ladder by the way.....if you tell me you found THAT at your Thrift Store too, I'm coming for a visit, lol.

  15. The only reason I knew this is because I have an old barn ladder and I wanted to put it next to the fireplace. That is till Brawn told me it would have to stick out into the room about 10 feet to make it level like it was in the barn. So needless to say I have no ladder shelf. Yet....


  16. Ah you little tease! Can't wait to see the after pics - I'm sure it is so cute it won't matter one bit if the rungs aren't quite level!


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