Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

I promise, this post isn't just about how we bought our Christmas tree this past weekend.

Which we did do. 

But this post is more about sharing a few Christmas decorating tips...

like using Christmas tree clippings to fill empty flower boxes.  Add pine cones or some non-breakable red ornaments for a pop of color.  It's an easy way to dress up your flower boxes and decorate for the holiday.

And about hanging Christmas lights.

This year, we decided to try Martha Stewart's tip and string our lights up and down the tree instead of stringing them moving around the tree.  Hopefully this will make taking them off much easier than it has in years past. 

And, of course, these tips were inspired because we bought our Christmas tree this weekend.

I am going to enjoy experiencing Christmas through Grace's eyes this year.

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  1. HA! Love it.

    I have NEVER HEARD of this tip!!!! Vertical?

  2. Amy, I love your window box and you just reminded me I have one out in my shed. I'm digging it out today! So what Christmas tree farm did you go to? Did you cut your own? Love the pic of you and Grace! Christmas with kids is the best!

  3. Your window box is adorable. I've never heard of that lighting tip either...interesting. :) Grace is adorable and I'm sure she is super excited for Christmas.

  4. really? vertical lighting instead of wrapping it around the tree? hmm...i want to see it!

    goodluck amy:) huggies***

    1. Even though we put the lights up vertically, they still do cover every inch of tree. We just didn't wind them around the tree, we worked up and down from one spot all the way around the tree. I'll have to follow up and let you know if they come off easier than wrapping around the tree.

  5. Love the window box with that wide red ribbon. And of course the last photo of Grace. The magic of Christmas... Can't wait to see what you do this season.
    Ps. Is that a new blog header? Where have I been?

  6. That's a genius idea :) Can you take a picture of those lights once they're all on the tree? I'd love to see how it looks :)

  7. I LOVE hunting for the perfect tree and then heading out for hot chocolate afterwards :) Good light tip, I agree it helps in removal!

  8. What fun you had as a family! I remember doing that as a little girl with my family. I've done the vertical lights before and I think the difference is just not having to move the tree to get behind it and it looks just as beautiful. Now I have no hassle, prelit fake tree. HA!


  9. The window box is perfect. I love the red against the green. What a clever way to use summer flower boxes to decorate for Christmas. Very pretty :)

  10. Haven't heard of that tip! Even through all the Pinterest perusing! My parents got the net lights now (it's triangular in shaped, but still a pain in the behind to keep neat when storing) and I got a pre lit artificial tree for now. And I miss heading out with my dad to get our Christmas tree every year :( Haven't done that since I moved out a couple of years ago, so enjoy your Christmas tree shopping, at least you still got quite a few years to go :)

  11. I LOVE this idea!! So cute and clever...and I definitely need to try it.

    I'm exciting to experience Christmas through Charlie and Walker's eyes this year!

  12. i do both actually! my momma always has - she said it makes it easier to hide the wires. i do color one way and white the other way. and i'm sssoooo envious of a REAL tree. since i've been married i've had to have an artificial tree cuz of hubbys allergies. (and lil man is just like daddy my mom had real pine wreaths and swags one year and the both about died from sneezing when we were at their place.)

  13. and i luv the pix of you and grace and isn't it wonderful the belief they have of the magic of Christmas? so happy mine still believes!

  14. great tip on the lights! we might do a swag style this year...might, as we have not put up our tree...yet

  15. I like your window box.

    How fun to watch Christmas through Grace. :) They grow up so fast...I know, mine are 12 and 10! Christmas is special each year, watching through our kids eyes.

  16. Love the idea of using the clipping to fill the flower boxes... beautiful touch with the red ornaments! Are we going to get to see your tree all dressed up? I sure hope so!

  17. I love the boxes, I'll have to just stare at yours because they would be dead here within days. Grace is the best age for Christmas, this is the year you have been waiting for, it will be magical. We are doing the tree Saturday, will try the lights, how could Martha and Amy be wrong???

  18. Grace is the perfect age to really get the whole magic of Christmas idea! Have fun ... I miss the whole mystery of the season part.

    Can't wait to see the tree decorated!



  19. Nothing on earth is more magical or beautiful than Christmas through the eyes of a child! That photo of Grace is so beautiful, look at the starry wonder in her eyes. Enjoy every second creating those beautiful memories!

  20. If you are experiencing Christmas through a childs eye you won't be disappointed.



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