Friday, November 2, 2012

Goodwill Roundup

It's that time of month where I reveal my Goodwill finds from the past month and you decide if an intervention is necessary.

The month, you might be surprised at the restraint I showed.

Remember when I mentioned I can pass up anything that is Tiffany Blue?  The same can be said of globes.  For $3.99, this globe needed to do little else to convince me to put it into my shopping cart and take it home.

One reason I showed some restraint this month was due to being preoccupied with Grace's preschool Fall Party.  Since I had goodie bags for her classmates, I thought I should also give something to her teachers.  If you ever need baskets, go to Goodwill.  I scored these 2 baskets for $3 and filled them with my father in-laws gourds.  Not a bad teacher's gift for a $3 investment, right?

For $3.99, I bought this monkey costume...

And turned it into a pig costume

I found this made in Italy chalkboard for .99 cents.  I think I might use it for a prop in pictures.

Did I mention if you need baskets to check out Goodwill?  I wanted a basket to store my blankets in and for $2.99, this was perfect.

I've been fairly reasonable so far, right?

Well, this is where you may need to step in.

For .99 cents, I bought this brand new sweet 6 month old outfit.  Of course, Grace will never be able to squeeze into it but it was too cute to pass up and did I mention, it was only a dollar?

I promise, for the rest of this post, my senses returned and I continued to make reasonable purchases.  

I added a few glass jars to my collection.  This jar was .99 cents.  For now, I put my extra lavender from my DIY lavender sachets inside.

The glass jar with the lid below was also .99 cents.  I filled it with a succulent and added it to my greenhouse window.

I guess, the key, for me, in showing thrift shopping restraint is to plan more preschool parties and make more pig costumes.

Until next month, happy thrifting.


  1. Yup. It's official. When we finally meet we are SO going thrifting. (And I do the same thing with the baby clothes. For awhile I used my niece as an excuse. Now she's too big, though, so someone needs to have another kid. And by someone, I do not mean me ;)

  2. I love all your finds, Amy! I think you inspired me to go to Goodwill today on my lunch hour...yet again. :) Enjoy your weekend. Megan

  3. Now you are stocked up for a baby girl shower! When I find good deals on new things, I buy them for birthday gifts, showers, etc! You can easily turn them into themed gifts! I LOVE your glass jars and succulents. I may have to start them in my office until I have a proper house!

  4. nice finds! the dress can be easily turned into a girl's skirt ;)

  5. I think you showed great restraint. Great finds. Love the glass jars!


  6. I can't believe how cheap that globe was!!!!!!!! LUCKY!

  7. Globes! I keep buying them. The original plan was to sell them in my Etsy vintage shop, but I have five now, and I think the new plan is to find some way to hang them from the ceiling. They take up too much space otherwise.

    I love your finds. I love your greenhouse window, too, and I think that jar makes a fantastic terrarium.

  8. No, I don't think you need an intervention, I think you need me to come with you so you can help me find the good stuff. Except maybe the 6 mo. old outfit.


  9. Those are some good finds!!! Mad props on transforming that thrifted costume, you did an AMAZING job!!

  10. Awesome finds, the blanket basket - oh so jealous, went buy one the other day and at $40 I walked away. As for the little outfit, you could try for another baby and hope its a girl?? Or put it in a doll. I know which one I'd pick!

  11. Amy... you are too cute! You gathered quite a few items for little bucks... so I guess you can be let off the hook;) I love the gourd basket idea as a teacher gift... I'm sure the teachers loved them too! The only thing I have to question is the baby dress... what are you going to do with that one?! Do you have someone you can give it to?

  12. So.... am I supposed to ask if there is a need for little girls clothing in the expected future..... just asking :-)

    1. (I'm not so good at picking up subtle hints, so if I am supposed to read between the lines, you'll have to just tell me. Although it's a an awesome find either way)

  13. luv it!! i do the same - jeff has told me NO MORE baby clothes until we get kiddos - the drawers are full already but for $1 i'd have gotten it and hid it for a while :) i got an amazing wicker sofa and side table for $56 last wednesday - i was so excited i wouldn't buy it until the coveted 30% (yes we have an el cheapo GW most do 50% off) coupon. now i jsut have to wait for joanns to put the duck cloth on sale to make cushions.

  14. Looks like fun finds! And mabye Grace is needing a baby sister to wear that dress? :) And just for the record I've bought cute clothes too small for my kids too!

  15. I love this post....and those deals you found at the Thrift Store. I'm still so impressed thinking about the pig transformation...genius!


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