Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beautiful Flowers

There are one of two reasons why I find myself with beautiful flowers.

The first reason, guilt...as was the case when my handsome husband and I reupholstered a $3.99 Goodwill chair together.

The second reason...a special occasion, like our anniversary, which I ironically displayed in a Goodwill vase.

Often times, if I've been given flowers for the latter reason, it is also accompanied by a celebration that looks something like this.

Believe it or not, all these details are thought of and executed by my husband, who I assure you is not scouring pinterest for his inspiration.

Like using the top of the pineapple as the center of the fruit plate.

Some Tiki men also joined our celebration (souvenirs left in our tropical hut for our honeymoon). 

No detail was spared.

While this was definitely an occasion we could have celebrated with champagne floats, we opted to toast with some pineapple coconut juice instead.

And, though 7 years ago, this little miss was not part of our big day...

Our celebration would not be complete without her.


  1. Your husband certainly out did himself! He is very creative and thoughtful. I hope it was sunny for you yesterday. :)

  2. I think that setup would rival many out there on pinterest. He should be proud. :)

  3. I am so showing this post to Sam for some future inspiration!! Your guy did an awesome job! Love the idea of the pineapple top in the center too!

  4. Wow that's impressive! This is not the first time your husband has impressed... but this is definitely up there. Are you sure he wasn't sneaking in some pinterest while you weren't around ;)

  5. Very nice! And I am with Danni, I am showing this to my husband. Or at least bragging about your husband to him. I just started following your blog after finding it on Danni's. Loving it.
    Also the last picture of little miss reminds me of our anniversary celebrations these days with twin boys in tow. Happy Tuesday.

  6. Men everywhere are going to have a bone to pick with your hubby! What a thoughtful guy. I am going to pin that pineapple top idea for the less (naturally) creative husbands among us.

    Also, do you buy that pineapple coconut juice or do you make it? That is right up my girls' alley...

  7. Wowza! I would be absolutely floored if I saw that waiting for me in my kitchen.

    I also want some of that pineapple coconut juice. It sounds heavenly.

    (Your hubs is a sweetheart for bringing a bit of your honeymoon back to you...)

  8. Hi Amy,
    Oh, that goodwill chair gets me everytime!
    Does your hubby ever ask you "Is this gonna be on the blog?"
    Heehee. Thanks for sharing, your family is so gorgeous! Di

  9. Oooooh. Looks so good! How thoughtful and sweet. And your little miss looks more like you all the time. That should work out well for her!

  10. How sweet for y'all to be celebrating! And that chair? FAB!

  11. Well done Mr WWH, what a beautiful set up and a gorgeous post.

    Shh don't tell my husband but sometimes guilt flowers are my favorite, means I'm right and he has a reminder of that till those flowers die!

  12. That's one amazing and thoughtful husband you have there. Glad you had a great anniversary!

  13. How fun, I love how thoughtful your husband is. And that Grace was part of your day.
    We do the same, we have included the boys throughout our years too. :-)

  14. I'd have to go outside to look for pigs flying above if I ever woke up to such a beautiful sight! Happy Anniversary!

  15. How sweet! And he has such an eye for detail ... you've got a keeper for sure!

    Happy Anniversary!

    :) Linda

  16. How great is that! I love it! And no way can you not include that little darling of a daughter you have!

  17. happy anniversary again!! and that is so sweet of your guy! and i swear she gets cuter each time i see her!! i luv how he used the tiki guys, i hope u keep them out on full time display.

  18. WOW! Maybe your husband should start a blog too! Pretty amazing that display of his and all the details. You have way too much creativity in that house of yours.

  19. DANG! He did a GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am impressed!

  20. Wow, sooooooooooooooo beautiful a set-up!!!! How sweet of your husband! Your little girl is 7 already? So sweet with those golden locks!


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