Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas cards

Tis the season...to start thinking about our Christmas card picture this year.

Because of the card we sent out for Grace's first Christmas...

We set the bar high, probably too high because I am now competing against myself for new and original ideas to outdo our naughty vs. nice theme.

The card we sent out for Grace's second Christmas, had a caption: 'And if I don't get everything on my list, my lawyer will be in touch with your lawyer about a little legal issue we call breach of contract', next to Grace holding her letter to Santa. We thought it would be funny...especially since her daddy happens to be a lawyer.

Though this card did get positive feedback, we heard 1. that it didn't compare to naughty vs. nice and 2. that Riley's absence was missed.

So, last year, we decided to bring Riley back and go for a 'Dear Santa, We can explain...' theme.

Cute but even we knew it didn't compare to our first card.

Curious how we got our normally naughty dog to cooperate? Peanut butter scooped deep inside the cup.

This year's card is still a work in progress. Looks like I need to get my models and my bribes ready. Seasons Greetings!


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