Monday, November 7, 2011

The little black tee shirt

Now that the sheepie costume is behind us...

I decided to use the plain long sleeve black tee shirt, from under the sheepie fluff, and get crafty with it.

We've never really dressed Grace in black, probably because for her first year or two of life, she had very little hair, and even though we dressed her in pink, she was often confused for a boy. So this shirt definitely needed a little feminine touch, cue some pink fabric with black polka dots

AND some Heat N Bond Ultra Hold which is no sew!

I drew out a simple silhouette of a dog and then traced it onto the Heat n Bond. {I could totally see using a car or a rocket ship silhouette for a little boy's tee shirt and embellishing with a button or two.}

Iron your designed Heat n Bond onto the fabric.

I used to cut the exact design out of the heat and bond and then iron it onto my fabric BUT the queen of quilts suggested cutting the exact design out after the heat and bond is ironed onto the fabric. Brilliant. It makes it so much easier to cut your design out with the extra Heat n Bond.

Peel the back of the Heat n Bond off.

Decide where to place the design and iron it down. Learn from my mistakes, put a protective barrier between what you are ironing on and your iron.

As easy as that, the dog is attached. Cute but I still wanted to add a little more flare.

To the button jar I went. I just so happened to have another cute flower button. Then, I embroidered a black collar. This doggie is a kept doggie, she belongs to Grace.

I am happy with the outcome.

And that's how you turn a sheepie into a pink polka dot doggie.

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  1. This is adorable! I'm also glad to know that you too have a button jar!


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