Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home Improvement Junkie

Guilty as charged. I am a home improvement junkie.

This was introduced early on. My dad, whom I inherited this disease from, was always fixing or building something. Often, my sister and I would hand him tools, keep him company or, in the case below, dance along to whatever music he was playing.

We were probably listening to Billy Joel's Glass Houses album {yes, this was before CDs}. Is it strange that certain songs remind me of a home improvement project {and, of course, my dad}?

The Beatles, remind me of the hours I spent, in my first house, working with my dad as we remodeled a very pink and very outdated bathroom.

Penny Lane {by the Beatles} will forever bring back happy memories of my dad whistling as he labored turning a vision of what I wanted for my new bathroom into a reality. It will also remind me of the importance of buying quality tools {but that's a story for another day}.

Louis Prima crooned as my dad helped me turn an attic into a loft.

Jump, Jive An' Wail {by Louis Prima}, will remind me of dancing around that dusty old attic with my dad as he taught me how to use a nail gun for the first time.

Frank Sinatra played as my dad, Grace and I put up molding in our dining room {in our current house}.

That's Life {by Frank Sinatra} brings me back to that happy day when Grace got to work with her grandpa on her first home improvement project, another generation exposed to this disease. My favorite project by far.

This past weekend, Dean Martin played, practically on repeat as my dad, my husband and I all worked side by side turning this disaster of a closet into...

A closet I still can't believe is mine.

{It's still a work in progress touching things up and moving clothes back in.}

The only thing better than my under shoe rack lighting...

Being able to work on another project with my dad.

Memories Are Made of This, by Dean Martin, ironically, will remind me of my most recent project with my dad.

Much like childbirth, the trials and tribulations of home renovation projects {like the mess, the countless trips to Home Depot, the frustrations, the disarray} all fade over time. What lingers on, at least for me, the memories created spending time with my dad.

I think this is why, I'll forever be a home improvement junkie.


  1. Wow! Amazing closet. Can I have it? That is so awesome that you could work on it with your Dad! That is what it is all about.

  2. This is the kind of thing you need to put up on Hometalk... I'm just sayin'...

  3. I adore this post!! Beautiful memories and beautiful results. Truly an inspiration.

    1. Jamie, you know how to make a blogger feel good. Thank you SO much.

  4. Nice! You still tried to help on your home improvement project even though you’re carrying Grace, huh? ;) You must’ve been really grateful to your dad! He really did a lot of work to make your house more beautiful. The last time I conducted a home reno, my dad was also there to help me! :))

    Kayce Church

  5. I’m so glad that you had the chance to bond with your dad while he was renovating your home. I wished my father was still with me when I purchased my house since I knew he’ll be happy to see my achievement and I know he’s a great builder too. Anyway, thanks to your dad for helping you to have a very nice home. :)

    Elidia Wolford

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