Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Initial Shirt

One of my favorite gifts Grace received for her birthday was an initial shirt from Red Balloon Company.

This past weekend, we were invited to a 3rd birthday party and I wanted to give an initial shirt as a gift BUT it comes with a steep price tag {for a tee shirt}.

I thought, maybe I could use Red Balloon's initial shirt as inspiration for my own design. So I bought a $6 shirt from Target.

Cue my Silhouette and their smooth heat transfer material. I created a design using 2 circles and inside of the circles, using the font Curlz MT, an L. I sent it through my Silhouette and removed the excess heat transfer material, leaving only the design I wanted to transfer.

Then, using an iron, I applied my design to the tee shirt. It may not be the official initial tee shirt but I think mine is just as cute {for a fraction of the cost}.

Having saved some money on my version of the initial tee shirt, I was also able to give a My Little Pony set {realizing a 3 year old won't care about clothes}. All that was left to do was wrap it, decorate it with a few 3s for good measure and deliver it.

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