Monday, December 10, 2012

Bat Signal Ornament

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na,, na, na, na, na, Batman!

When this bat signal goes up, this superhero {my nephew} will be ready to fight crime.

If you want to make the superhero in your life their own bat signal gather the following supplies:

Black Felt, Yellow Felt, Tacky Glue, Scissors,  2 1/2 inches of ribbon
* Optional: Black Embroidery Thread 

Using this pattern:

Cut 2 ovals out of the yellow felt and cut the bat out of black felt. 

Apply tacky glue around the perimeter of the bat and gently apply it to one of the yellow ovals.

*Optional:  Embroider the name and date on the back of the ornament.  By doing this, you also have the option of using it as a gift tag for the top of a present.

Fold your ribbon in half {I added a French knot to secure the ribbon to the back oval, though optional, this will provide another measure of guaranteeing the ribbon will stay affixed to the ornament}.  Apply tacky glue around the perimeter of the back oval, under and over the ribbon and across the middle, gently attach the bat signal.

Pow!  Bam!  Zzzap!  Done.

Holy felt ornament Batman!

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  1. you are an ornament machine! I am in princess land...give the boy a couple of years, and then there will be some super power going on too

  2. What a fun idea! You've created so many cute ornaments for Christmas. :) You have some lucky family members. Megan

  3. Next year, I'm obviously going to have to revisit all of these cute boy ornaments to pimp out my boys Christmas tree!

  4. So cute! I bet you could sell a ton of those in your etsy shop :)

  5. You ARE an ornament beast! Adding it to the gift as a tag is such a cute and personal idea. Love these!!!

  6. i *totally* luv and agree with danavee - you are a beast! i'm soooo doing these next year for my gifts. i luv them! do u do ornaments every year for every one? i bet everyone would LUV it if you did!

  7. Awesome! I could do this one and be the cool Mum the boys long for! I bet your Nephew is going to love it!

    Although it makes me wonder why boy/men never grow out of super heroes?

  8. I love your ornaments! they are so creative :-)

  9. What a cute kid!! So sweet of you to make an ornament that reflects his interest. I bet you are favorite aunt!

  10. Holy cute ornaments, Batman! (I couldn't resist) You have been super busy, Amy!! I can't get a post together to save my life, and you are cranking them out! Such cute stuff!

  11. I am going to have to make this!! My daughter loves Batman. Thanks for the tutorial. Have a lovely day!

  12. That is awesome!!! I grew up as a superhero fan and still am... so I'm a sucker for anything superhero. :D

  13. I featured you on my blog

  14. I'm so tempted to make this for my 35 year old super hero! So creative. I love it.

  15. LOVING this. Superheroes are the best, especially when they can be featured in felt.

  16. Wow! This picture really took me back. My son who is now 20 had a Batman party when he was 4. I remember making capes with this symbol on the back. I should make this to surprise him. Love this idea. I found you on Make it Pretty Monday. Read my entry on making ends meet.


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