Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Make Your Own Rainbow

Without the rain, there would be no rainbows.  Here, in the Midwest, we are still "enjoying" snow.  Of course, without the rain, you could still make your own rainbow, right?

Grab your Roy G Biv in card stock and a sheet of white as well.

You'll need a few more supplies:

Out of the white card stock, cut a cloud shape.  Cut strips out of the colored card stock.  Grab some glue, cotton balls and let's get started making rainbows.

I used tape to attach the rays of the rainbow to the back of the cloud.

Of course, after I turned my cloud around, I realized my Roy G Biv was going the wrong way.

Moving on...

Cover the front of your cloud with an even layer of glue.

Then start to make it fluffy by adding some cotton balls.

Just like that, rain or no rain, you can have your very own rainbow.

 Have extra cotton balls?  Don't worry, I have another cotton ball craft you can check out.


  1. This would be a cute craft for school! You KNOW I am in the construction paper!

  2. Love this idea.. especially for the little ones! Something about cotton balls that make crafting so much more fun. I'm off to check out your bunny tail tutorial. :)

  3. You are such a good MOMMIE..your little one must wake up every day excited about what you have waiting to share-


    p.s. I have part 2 of an open house posted at LGH

  4. When are you going to publish your book full of all these over-the-top cute craft ideas of yours? huh? Seriously. So Cute! :)

  5. got plenty of cotton balls...when I cleared out our linen closet, I found several packs (all open)...all I am saying is that there will be 3 BIG cotton bunny tails soon.

  6. Fun craft! And I totally adore the bunny tail!

  7. Oh that's an awesome idea Lori Anne has you should do an ebook. What a lovely way to see the rainbow. I don't think it's backwards, it's the reflection from my side if the world ;) Seriously ebook on Amazon/Etsy. Fantastic idea, ill tell every one I know how I used to rub blog shoulders with the queen of kids crafts....I'd love to name drop!

  8. I love it! Now we need the pot of gold. :-)

  9. Oh Amy, you are so creative! This is an awesome idea. I love checking out your blog everyday!

  10. I'll say it again...I just wanna be a kid at your fun! I too think you should do an ebook. Why not?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Had to resubmit my comment because of a glaring spelling error that was making my eye twitch.

    Anyways... just wanted to say that I love this craft! My eldest would be thrilled to use all of that fabulous white glue and the cotton balls. She's already working on memorizing Roy G. Biv when she colours her rainbows.

    Now tell me more about that bird in the picture...

  13. Love this craft. I'll send Wynn over to some of these amazing crafts with Grace...I'll let you know when I book her So so cute! I love the ROY G BIV reference.

  14. I love this. Even at 12, I bet Maddy would like to make this :)

  15. you cannot go wrong with white glue and cotton balls! and that bunny favorite;)

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