Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Goodwill Hunting Roundup

It's that time of month where I share my Goodwill finds.  I have continued to show restraint in my Goodwill purchases but I'll let you decide that for yourself after you take a look at my purchases from the past month.

First up, I found two handbags. Handbags are my weakness.

The black handbag has a sparkly black hard case.  It's basic and could go with just about anything.  And, was only $1.49.

The beaded gold bag is obviously vintage.  The chain was missing but the bead work was in perfect condition.  Guess how much?  This one was $1.49, too!  My handbag collection continues to grow and for $3, I can't feel too guilty about it.

Sadly, I passed on this vintage vanity chair with velvet cushion.  I walked by it several times, trying to figure out where I could put this beautiful chair but in a small house, sometimes, things have to be left behind.  For $14.99, I left this beauty behind.  This Vintage Groove I know are shaking your head in disapproval right now.

Every trip I make to Goodwill, I look through the frame section.  I found an oak picture frame for $1.99, which I painted white and then used it to show off the hand embroidered Matryoshka doll which quickly sold from my Etsy shop.  Thanks Michelle!

I found this old spool of velvet ribbon for .99 cents.  Nearly all of the 18 yards of ribbon is still on the spool.

The original tags from LeeWards {where my Grandma once worked} are still on the spool and was originally $4.44.

I also found some new things to hang in my closet. 

I typically won't gravitate to novelty prints but this month I was.  The sheer sleeveless top has an elephant print, it reminded me of my grandma and made me smile and for $3.99 it will be hung in my closet.  The $2.99 mustard thermal, still with Target tags, had sweet pink birds and I am drawn to that has pink as an accent color. 

I also found a few skirts.  The pink and cream striped Old Navy skirt was bought on half off pink tag day, costing me $2.  The red and tan skirt Gap skirt was $3.99.  I can't wait for spring so I can wear both of these.

Though I showed restraint, I am still slightly tormented that I left that vanity chair behind.

What great finds have crossed your path this past month?


  1. Great finds at such great prices! My grandma had a vanity chair just like it only the cushion was purple. Love the beaded bag too!

  2. As usual...awesome finds! Sadly...I have not been out thrifting at all lately. Your embroidery is so pretty by the way!

  3. Ahhh...my favorite post. ;) That gold handbag reminds of one that my grandmother gave me a few years ago. I love the clothes you found too. Guess a Goodwill trip is in order this week. :)

  4. I love the bags! Hand bags are my thing too, well you saw the entrance, drop in the ocean! The chair, restraint but oh, how cool! Great finds :)

  5. I wouldn't have been able to pass up those handbags either. Great finds. I wish I could find more vintage stuff at my goodwill.

    1. Thanks Erin. I think the problem is, I go so often, I am bound to find something vintage :).

  6. I was hyperventilating over that chair. And now I'm cracking up! GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!! GET THAT THING! (Although the price is a little steep.)

    I LOVE THAT ELEPHANT SHIRT! THAT GOLD, BEADED CLUTCH! The spool of ribbon! Love that your granny worked there!

  7. I think that you must have a far better thrift shop than I do. I am always looking for vintage finds, and end up scouring shelves that hold ceramic geese (wearing straw hats) and old New Kids cassettes. Your handbag finds are divine, and I may have considered scooping that chair... though Danavee may be right - a bit steep.

    Well done, you!

  8. Great finds, especially the Emerald green ribbon- Pantone color of the year! Score!

  9. Great finds! Can't go wrong with the handbags... I'm sure they'll be of great use and for $3! I had bought that same target thermal for Susu when they first had them at Target some months ago! I paid $8 for it and that was because there was a mix up with the price sign and the cashier gave it to me for that price (and got myself a grey one)... and I thought I got it for a steal but obviously not seeing how much you paid! I probably would have passed up that vanity chair and beat myself up for it later too... but if you don't have a place for it, what can you do but walk away. I think that was a good call. :)

  10. Okay when I saw the title of this post, I actually yelled out, "Yay!"

    Like out loud.

    In my kitchen.

    By myself.

    Because apparently I really enjoy your Goodwill round-ups. This time I'm coveting the purses. Nice finds, friend. :)

  11. I once left behind a vintage metal/chair/step stool...it was really cool and for only $10, it was a deal. Like you, sometime, there is just no room for it...

  12. Great finds Amy. I think I'd have been the same way with the chair - left it there but wondered why for days! I love your IKEA table makeover and your bunny barrette and your carrot bouttiniere too!

  13. Happy to peruse your Goodwill finds! With a new house coming up - I can't wait to stroll through mine to help furnish the house on a budget! Fingers crossed they start to get some good stuff in there as spring cleaning approaches!

  14. i really like that black clutch amy :)


  15. I DID go thrifting this month in the cold. I picked up a white ceramic thing with a lid, a sign I gave to my oldest daughter, a heavy metal door pull, and the lazy susan I painted. I am going tomorrow too.


  16. Great finds! Good Will is always super hit or miss for me. When I go in out of boredom I find great stuff, with no purpose for it. But if I go in on a mission, I can never find anything.

  17. So, I love all of your fun finds but what I (heart) most is that amazing hand embroidered Matryoshka doll. I can't believe you designed and made that yourself. What do you mean you can't draw or doodle. That intricate design on the doll is pretty awesome!

  18. awe amy!! you are so sweet - and the pleasure of the having the Matryoshka doll embriodary has been all mine. and girls let me tell you - pictures do not do it justice. it's even prettier in person! handbags are such a weakness for me too - i usually get everyone i want and then walk around the store talking myself out of them. that chair is delish - but sometimes we do have to pass them up. the green velvet ribbon is to die for! such a great deep rich green. the skirts are great i luv the one with the blocks on it!

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