Thursday, March 21, 2013

Barn Wood Bunnies

Not every bunny can be the Easter bunny.

Some bunnies have a less than famous story, perhaps a more rustic story.  This bunny, well, he has a barn wood story.

His story started in a pile that looked like this.

Who knew, in that pile of barn wood, there would be a lucky rabbit's foot.

Who knew that those barn wood nails, once removed, would make the perfect bunny eye.

Who knew that every time I turned around, these bunnies would be rabbits :)

Not every bunny can be the Easter bunny but a bunny can still dream.

This barn wood bunny is off to deliver some eggs to my Etsy shop, while he waits for someone to buy him.


  1. So very cute! He makes an great companion to the whale!

  2. That looks awesome! Not just for Easter either.

    1. Thanks so much Erin. What an incredibly sweet comment.

  3. So simple and so sophisticated at the same time! Looks like this little guy sold quickly! Are you making more to sell?

  4. Love the bunny... love the story! I assume your husband made it.... beautiful work.

  5. Amy, those are amazing. You guys are quite the crafting duo! Where'd you get all of that fabulous wood?

  6. So cute, I love that his eye was just waiting for the rest of his body to be formed. Gorgeous!

  7. Love this simple bunny project.
    Pretty cool.

  8. I just adore your barnwood bunny! I'm sure he'll be flying off your Etsy store "shelf" ...

    :) Linda

  9. I LOVE these! I realllly love these! I can't imagine them NOT flying off the shelves of your Etsy store!

  10. Amy, this is just too beautiful. I have no clue how you saw a lucky rabbit's foot in that pile of wood but with your creative mind, anything is possible.

  11. He's darling Amy! I am loving your vintage wood makeovers!

  12. Pinned the little bunny. I suppose when I go back to admire the pin there will be 20 more of them.


  13. gorg! omgosh here i am gone for spring break and a biz trip and look at all the goodies i missed! ur hubby is just as talented as you are!!

  14. I just love your little barn wood bunny - so cute and rustic!

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