Monday, July 22, 2013

Bunny Themed Punch Box

Pinatas, with all their stick wielding fun, have been a popular party pass time.  'A Casarella, though, is doing her best to take down pinatas and replace them with punch boxes and she isn't even using a stick to do it.  Her tutorial for making your own punch punch has gone viral and I can see why. 

Instead of getting a bunny shaped pinata, and subjecting said bunny pinata with a lashing, we decided to make a bunny themed punch pox for Grace's Bunny Themed Birthday Party.

I decided to share just a few tips for making your own punch box (for the full tutorial, you'll have to visit 'a Casarella).

Finding a thick box is the key, it makes it easier to cut your holes and cover.  I found my boxes at Aldi, the thick cardboard boxes their produce comes in AND, I painted it white, with regular household paint.

To personalize the outside of your punch box, incorporate your theme.  Since Grace's party was a bunny theme, I cut out some 2 inch bunny silhouettes and grabbed double sided tape...

And I gently placed them centered in the punch box hole.

Though I used bunnies, the possibilities are endless to personalize the punch box but even plain, it still makes for a fun party game.


The kids, well, they certainly liked being encouraged to 'punch' something and retrieve a prize. 

*I filled the punch box with prizes I found at Goodwill.  Right after Easter, Goodwill got in a shipment of new Target brand Easter toys (stuffed animals and crafts).  I was able to find a prize for each punch box hole for  .50 cents, spending $6 total on prizes. 

This is our second year of opting to go pinatas-less and I suspected, though I haven't started to plan for next year's party yet, that we'll have a punch box for Grace's 6th birthday as well. 

Grace's circus themed birthday party.

For a more detailed tutorial on how to make your own punch box, visit the very talented Elena at 'A Casarella.  


  1. It's super cute! This party idea is just perfect and I love your tip for finding prizes. Great thinking!

  2. That is awesome! Aldi, hmm I might have to check out the produce section although we're done for the year of kids birthdays,Christmas could be fun though!

  3. Fun and cute and different! I really haven't seen/heard of this idea til you presented it!!!

  4. You are so cute posing with your punch box! I almost made one this year since I'm not a fan of piñatas and beating it with a stick. Maybe next year I'll make one :). You keep same white box or make new boxes?

  5. Oh sweet friend! I think I need to pass my punch box queen crown over to you as you are clearly and expert now :) Beautiful job and thanks for the love! xoxo

  6. Uh oh another party activity for my list! Maybe not this party, but defo a future one! Seriously awesome idea, bet the kids loved it! I just adore the little bunny silhouettes too!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  7. that is a good idea in replacement of pinata amy!

    ps: love your dress♥

  8. Such a cute idea. I never like pinatas anyway...this is more fun.

  9. Great idea. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  10. I love this punch box idea! I'm totally copying this for Lucy's party. (I also love that kids aren't scrambling for prizes and potentially leaving someone empty-handed. This is much more fair!)

  11. Elena is a genius and so are you! I still love that pic of you in the red dress by the way!

  12. How super cute, what a great alternative to pinatas!

  13. Have I told you lately how much I adore you and your comments? Thank you so much for making me laugh and then making me blush.


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