Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Home Tour

Hello!  Welcome to the While Wearing Heels home tour.   Don't worry, you don't have to wear heels to join the tour.

Step right up and come on in to our 100 year old house!

Don't mind the no soliciting sign on the door. 

Most of the construction dust has settled in our house.  We've changed every room in our house by ourselves and on a budget...and, now that I have seen some of the beautiful homes in the summer home tour, I might have to get out my paint brush and tool belt and start again!

Our dining room, since we moved in, has been transformed twice...darn pinterest

No sew black and white curtains, flea market finds and decorative trim make this room special and complete. 

Our living room...

Has beautiful built in bookcases.

Perfect for displaying family pictures

and our favorite flea market finds.

Instead of showing off my bedroom, which has been slightly neglected, I'll share one of my favorite space in our house...My closet.

The custom shoe rack is my favorite.  If you like my closet, you have to check out the before pictures, they are proof ANYONE could have a closet like this.

This isn't the only custom closet in our house, Grace also has a custom closet with her own custom shoe rack.

Grace's room is currently in the transition from going from a little girl room to a big girl room.

Some things will stay, like her Grace quilt, and some will have to be packed up for safe keeping.  

The transition to big girl room starts on Thursday so make sure to come back in a few weeks and see what changes we've made.

Let's heat things up and head to the kitchen.

Our kitchen was gutted down to the lathe boards and built back up. 

And, though I love our kitchen, especially the green house window we added...

I am looking forward to repainting and adding a chandelier (read:  momma isn't going to know what to do with herself when only child goes off to school).  

From the kitchen, you can enter my other my favorite space in our 100 year old house...the pantry, though it looked nothing like this when we moved in

Besides for the hand painted stenciled walls, the addition of the library ladder (including its charming hardware) makes me wish it was socially acceptable to entertain in this space.

Our basement has a few special nooks, where my $3.99 Goodwill chair has place of honor.

I also have a craft nook, nestled in between a treadmill and a weight set (hence the TV above the Ana White desk we built).

Though I do have to share this space, I have tried to make my nook my own.  In addition to my LOVE sign, I also have a custom While Wearing Heels sign the talented Holly at Full Circle Creations made me. 


Lastly, come on out to onto our back deck.  We finally got around to decorating and updating it this summer.

We hung some curtains, added some barn wood foxes and made cushions for the chairs we found on the side of the road.

But the most impressive While Wearing Heels house, is Grace's handmade dollhouse, which includes a custom replica of the nursery we brought her home too.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. You have a beautiful home, Amy! My favorite is that pantry of yours!

  2. EEEEKKKKK! I've been dying for this! I want to sit on your front porch.

  3. Truly a spectacular home Amy - and Grace's doll house?
    I want one LOL

  4. I wish they kept some of the great ideas from YOUR 100 year old house....like a nice pantry!

    Gorgeous home, thanks for sharing it...and for making us feel welcome :-)

  5. Not sure I'll remember to mention every detail since I'm leaving a comment on my phone but BEAUTIFUL photos of your beautiful home! So bright and clean! I love all the white trims, wall borders (?), and corner accents. The built ins are amazing as well as the gorgeous organized closets! And that room with the gold/yellow wall paper is so cozy even if its just a utility room. Love your crafting/blogging nook. So you submitting these photos or before/after projects somewhere?? Totally worthy of showing off!!

  6. You know I am a fan of yours! And I love all the remodel you did to your home. Can't wait for big girl room projects :)

  7. Love your home and all the gorgeous pops of color... very soothing and welcoming! Thank you for sharing :)

  8. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful home. Enjoyed!

  9. Gorgeous house Amy, you have done a wonderful job! Love the custom shoe racks and I am very jealous of your pantry. I think Grace's dolls house is amazing! Thanks for the tour!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  10. Love, love, love your home tour! I didn't know you were redoing Grace's room. I can't wait to see what you do with it. (Now that she's off to school you are going to be unstoppable!)

  11. Your home is gorgeous, Amy! I adore your built-ins and your sweet little window seat in the living room. The pantry is incredible - I LOVE that library ladder.

    I long for a pantry. I have a cupboard... in an awkward hallway. Sigh.

  12. You have a very beautiful home and I can see all the work you and your husband have put into your home. Absolutely gorgeous. I don't know what my favorite part is....the pantry or the deck..love it all. And thanks for the shout out about the sign. :)

  13. Such a gorgeous home! We also have a 100+ home and it's a challenge to maintain.
    I like what you've done to yours. Love your kitchen and that closet! Serious eye candy!
    Thanks for sharing! ~Delores

  14. Your home is absolutely beautiful, my friend!!!! Adore all your perfectly appointed spaces ...

    :) Linda

  15. First I love the name of your blog!
    Your home is beautiful with sweet details!

  16. I'm going to check out some more of this while I have lunch tomorrow...but...I just wanted to say, if you want to have a party in your pantry...I'll totally come and it will be perfectly socially acceptable. I'll bring the wine.

  17. Amy,
    What a lucky lady to live in an older home, it has so much character and all of your special touches add to its charm. My eyes spied those darling heels with the bow in your closet!! Serious organization going on in your closet, love that.

  18. So pretty! Love it all, but especially your pantry. I would, actually entertain in there.

  19. absolutely beautiful! i love all the details and care you have put into your home. i especially love the laundry room - amazing!

  20. Love your home! Your pantry is amazing! Thanks for the tour!...hugs...Debbie

  21. What a beautiful home you have! I love everything you have done too. I am going to go back and click on the links;I especially want to see your closet:) Mine is tiny and it is VERY hard to keep neat:(:( AND, this is a new house, we just moved in in Oct. XO, Pinky

  22. Your house is so charming! I loved everything you did. Thanks for sharing your home. :)

  23. I enjoyed the house tour so much! Thank you for the peek into your home. And I could see a table for two in that charming pantry.

  24. Wow! Beautiful! Your built-in bookcases are gorgeous! Love your kitchen too! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  25. you have a beautiful home amy, i love your closet, your pantry and most of all your dining area♥ that i featured on my blog!


  26. You have a GORGEOUS home and great sense of style - love it!

    And that little girl of yours is just too precious, and of my they grow up entirely too fast.

    I am so glad to have found you through this wonderful summertime tour, what fun! Thanks for sharing your wonderful places.

  27. Amy, just love your pantry! I am a big fan of those ladders and which I had one. Love the fact that you have such a labor of love in that beautiful house of yours. Makes it that much more special.Thanks for having me over!

  28. Your home is so lovely Amy. I would totally party in that pantry. It's awesome! And those built in bookcases are amazing. Such a beautiful home!

  29. Your home is really just gorgeous. Whenever that pantry pops up in your "things you might also like" I have a major attack of pantry envy. Beautiful thanks for showing it to us, I also need me some custom shoe racks!

  30. Yes I would like for you to entertain me in the pantry, that is awesome!!! LOVE the ladder as well. :-)

  31. So pretty, I think I could live in your pantry :)

  32. Oh my goodness! Your house is absolutely gorgeous! I am absolutely in love with it! Wow!

  33. LOVE your home!! I have an old house, too. I especially like your pantry with that ladder!! It's all very pretty.

  34. amazingly beautiful sweet lady! and socially acceptable or not I would absolutely entertain in that pantry, lol!

  35. Absolutely lovely Amy! So fun to take a tour with you!

  36. so very fun and inviting! i love all the little details you have incorporated to make it 'home' - well done girlie - thanks for the look!


  37. Your house is beautiful! I love all of the detail. AND - the collectibles you've displayed on the built in shelves are fabulous... and the dollhouse... and the pantry (oooh the pantry)... I'm smitten.

  38. You've truly brought beautiful and inviting touches to your 100 year old home ... wow! I love your daughter's precious dollhouse, too ... reminds me of the one I had WAAAAAAY back when. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Your home is just lovely, Amy! I love that every little accessory has a specific place and purpose. Beautiful and functional! Thanks for joining us on our tour!

  40. Wow, wow, wow!! Love your house period. I do have to add that my favorite rooms were the pantry and the dining room. That ladder so too sweet.

  41. Wow Amy your home is beautiful! So lovely!

  42. Amy, your home is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing it! Your pantry is my favorite part too!!

  43. Beautiful! Thank you for the tour.
    My favorite...well I love the entire house...but I would enjoy sitting out in your deck. And I think your pantry idea is amazing. :-)

  44. Everything is amazing but I've got to say that closet is incredible!!!! The transformation is fantastic and I'm inspired! Your entire home is inspiring!

  45. Amy,
    You know I've seen most of this in bits and pieces, but when you show it all at once, it's just so stunning.
    My favorites, though it's hard to choose, have to be the porch and the pantry. While you may not be able to entertain in the pantry, surely you can find a reason why each guest needs to visit it.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home, you and the family have done an absolutely terrific job:) Di

  46. I don't even know where to begin Amy. Your house is wonderful and a beautiful reflection of your style. Can you please come over and help me decorate? I especially enjoy the way you displayed all of your wonderful family photos and treasures.

  47. Just happened upon your blog today, and so enjoyed your lovely house tour! It's inspiring to see all the updates you've made in a charming old house - it looks so fresh and functional! Thanks for sharing. :)

  48. Do you have a post for the built-ins in your living room? I cant find it.


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