Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY Award Ribbons

One of my favorite memories from growing up, was a participating in a park district fishing contest.  I remember, at the end of the contest, I was awarded a beautiful blue ribbon with gold embossed lettering announcing my feat.  I can't remember what my ribbon said but I do remember how much I loved it.  

This year we've spent a few weekends in Wisconsin where Grace has stylishly discovered she loves fishing. 

In hopes of creating a similar memory for Grace, a fishing contest was arranged.  And, a fishing contest isn't complete without the much sought after award.

To make your own award ribbons, grab the following supplies:  thick ribbon, coordinating ribbon, scissors, felt circles, hot glue (or a sewing machine), card stock and glue.


Cut your ribbons.  The tails should be cut between 4-6 inches in length.  The ribbon that will be pleated around the felt circle should be cut between 12-14 inches in length.

Glue the coordinating ribbon (the tails) onto the circle of felt.  Using the hot glue glue, secure the wider ribbon around the circle of felt, pleating and puckering it as you go around.

If you aren't afraid of sewing, sewing your ribbon into place gave a cleaner look and finish to the ribbons. 

Decide what you want your ribbons to say and, either in word or PicMonkey, customize your awards.  Since these ribbons were for a fishing contest, the awards were for biggest fish, smallest fish and cutest fish.

Apply a layer of glue around the perimeter of your puckered ribbon and secure a second felt circle.  Then, glue the custom label into place.

When your award ribbons are complete, let the contest begin...

and then have fun deciding who wins which award.

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  1. I love the pic of her holding that fish by the line! Will she TOUCH IT?

  2. This is just too cute! Grace's smile is so sweet, and sounds like she had so much fun.

  3. Aw, love this! You create the sweetest things for Grace, she definitely wins the cutest award! Fab instructions too!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  4. Adorable! My family does our own 5K fun run during the holidays, and I'm going to borrow this idea for ribbons this year. Love it!

  5. How does she look so adorable when fishing. When my kids come home after a morning fishing with daddy, they look like a bunch of ragamuffins who've been dragged through the mud, their shoes are filled with lake slime and they smell like worms to boot! Still think this is the cutest idea!

  6. Hi Amy,
    Only you can make award ribbons look so easy. And only Grace can pull off that super cute outfit while fishing:)
    Love Amy Mayen's idea, too.
    Thanks, Di
    Ps. I'm the web designer for a guided fishing service, they have lots of pics of cute kids holding their fish (fishes??), if you'd care to see:

  7. Oh my gosh those are precious. And she is indeed *most* stylish!! :)

  8. I adore rosettes! we longed to win them at the end of the school year sports day at my english school, and they always has tricolour ribbons just like yours!
    And yay for the wee fisherwoman, i'm sure she was the cutest on the wharfe x

  9. Such an adorable idea. I love the way they turned out. Grace looks so cute!

  10. Such a cute project and my has fishing attire changed, she looks like she should be in a BFC commercial. (That stands for Boating, Fishing, Camping just in case that franchise isn't over there)...I would totally hot glue that!

  11. OH MY CUTENESS!!!!!! You have to be the BEST MOM EVER! How awesome this is. You make life so fun for sweet Grace :)

    1. Thank you so much Janiene. Sometimes, it's easier to be a fun mom when Grace gets caught up in the excitement of being with her cousins.

  12. These ribbons are so fabulous Amy! I fished as a little girl too, and would have loved one of those ribbons. I'm sure they made the fishing even more fun for Grace, and more memorable. She definitely is the cutest!

  13. this is a great project. Will definitely have to make a few of those...thinking about a party, a game night, or just because...

  14. Look at Grace's adorable face in that picture! She's so proud of her little fish (what is that, by the way? We only have bullheads that small in our lakes). I love that you show the glue and the sew version. I think I know which version I'd pick. Can YOU guess? :)

  15. How sweet are you? I hope you did make one and that he loved it and felt proud.

  16. You have no idea how many times in the lives of six kids I could of used this tutorial.

  17. So cute! Leave it to you to make an award for a category for everyone!


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