Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Block Printing Wall Art

Children's art projects, I am learning, can quickly pile up in stacks leaving you with the great debate; do I keep this or slyly throw it away. 

I'll admit, I am guilty of slyly throwing away some of Grace's art...though, if ever she discovers something in the recycle bin, I throw the blame on Mr. While Wearing Heels.  'I have no idea how that got in there, your dad must have accidentally thrown it away'. 

This block printing project, though, is one that was not destined for the recycle bin, instead, it became prominently featured and framed.

Block printing is so easy.  So, go grab some yarn and a block of wood and your own little artist.  Wrap the yarn around the block and, from the back, tape the yarn into place.


Pour some paint, in whatever color you like, onto some scrap paper.  Have your little artist dip the block of wood into the paint.

Then let them get creative and stamp an entire piece of card stock paper in whatever pattern or design that inspires them.

When it's done, I am sure you'd agree, it's worthy of being put on display. 

What do you do with your children's artwork? 


  1. The pattern is so abstract and cool!! I have only framed one of Js art pieces. The others I include in his baby book. I cut them down from their original 8x10 size. I love having a piece that he can one day take out and touch instead of just having a photo of it, which many parents do, scan and print.

  2. I frame some of cor's (using the frame with hinges so I can easily change them out), others are like u, they slyly end up in the trash, (ours is oh it must of fallen as our trash can is right beside our counter). I like the idea of block printing. I saw on pinterest where they make a flower and each little piece is made out of an art piece. I thot that was pretty cool.

  3. Oh that is cute, of course it's pink so it was always going to be a winner....I'm a chucker, I throw it out because it just piles up. If its a very special piece I file it. True story my Mil has practically everything Jules has ever done up to the point we moved in together.

  4. Seriously we go through reams of paper overnight! I have a child that was born with an excessive gene to create so I toss most.
    BUT this I like.
    I do keep a few things that I am unaware of their whereabouts at this time. :)

  5. Oh I do wish I could share a pic with you here. I too have blamed the recycle bin art on my hubby. But about 4 years ago my nine year old son brought home a delightful piece that just happened to match my office color scheme perfectly. It is a painting of two birch tree trunks against a fall back ground and a blue sky. It is framed and displayed in the office. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of what a sweet boy he was--before the tween and now teen years started.

    1. What a lovely comment. You'll have to get a picture and share. I'd love to see your son's masterpiece in your office.

  6. See, in our house Daddy takes their projects to "work". Love this!!!

  7. I have a couple of large portfolio books (like this one: where I keep my kiddo's stuff.

    We also use his art as wrapping paper, greeting cards, and gift tags. I'm way too sentimental to toss anything flat! Love this project; we'll definitely have to try it.

  8. Such a darling piece of art from the budding artist! When I moved into the farmhouse I found two framed pieces of art that my brother and I made (ages 7 & 6) for our grandparents in the bottom drawer of their dresser so I hung them on the wall right outside the bedroom. I have a gallery of painting and pictures in my stairwell and these fit right in. :)

  9. Ah the great keep or toss debate. It's hard! But this one is definitely a keeper! (Is that her new room it's living in?)

  10. I think I am going to start taking Heather's suggestion and say that some projects went to daddy's office :)

  11. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Hi Amy!
    Stopping in to say hi, and tell you that your kids are beautiful!
    Love your block art project. The bright pink pops right out of the frame. Love it paired with the roses!

  12. Oh that is pretty, and so perfect for framing. I have boxes for each of the kids and I store their special pieces in there, but most of it gets recycled. Their school did a fab art show, where each of the children got to do a drawing and had it professionally framed and displayed for the parents to see. My kids pictures are now proudly displayed in our hallway.

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  13. I love this block printing! We haven't tried this year (but you KNOW we will)!

    When it comes to the girls' artwork, I typically chuck it after it's spent a little while on the fridge. I do have a few pieces that I've saved in a memory box, but other than that, I'm pretty ruthless. Trouble is, we do an "art project" nearly every other day. I already have a hoarding problem - I couldn't let myself hoard their art.

    It would get ugly. ;)

  14. that is cute amy, i bet grace had fun with it!

    i also try to keep my kid's artwork as much as i can but it could be overwhelming, one of his artwork was actually framed like yours but those that i think i need to get rid of, i try....really try to do it without him knowing it or finding it out...on the night before our trash collection day, i try to sneak out some of those when his already in bed♥ just a tip...


  15. Hi Amy,
    Oh, I thought all moms "misplaced" some artwork. Heehee.
    This is really cute, love that color. Great job, Grace :) Di


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