Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Goodwill Hunting Roundup

It's that time of month where I recap my thrifted finds.  So, without further ado...

Goodwill is the perfect place to find vases (and baskets). 

I found this silver vase for $1.99.  The shape off the vase has a loving cup feel.  

I also found this glass vase for .99 cents which I customized and turned into a faux perfume bottle vase.

Often times, Goodwill will buy overstock or returned items from Target.  I had, at one point, assumed Target donated their merchandise to Goodwill.  This is not the case, Target sells their merchandise at a discount to Goodwill and Goodwill, in turn, will then sell it.

I found a shabby chic pink Threshold candle for .99.  The lowest Target price was $2.98. 

No trip to Goodwill is complete, for me, without looking through their coats.

I found this vintage trench for $4.99.  I loved the label (and it was made in Chicago).  I wasn't sure the style was completely me, especially for $4.99.  I scoured this coat to see if there were any flaws, wear and or tear.  Under the arm, I discovered the seam had come out under one of the arms.  *If ever you find a missing button or a tear ask the manager if they will knock something off the price. 

I brought the coat to a manager, who looked at the ripped seam and offered to take half off the coat.

For $2.50, I think this coat is definitely my style.

I get a lot of comments about how 'my' Goodwill has great prices.  In reality, though, I only show my thrifted purchases AND I only make a thrifted purchase if it's a great price.

Last month, I stumbled across a Kids Kraft pink play kitchen in BEAUTIFUL shape for $7.  This month, I stumbled across this Barbie house for $49.99.  *I did not buy this Barbie house.  I found it interesting, in comparison to the kitchen set I found, this was priced over $40 more. 

I also came across this metal Rainbow Brite stove, which I also did NOT buy.  It was fun to look at.  The cost was $35.99.

Now it's your turn. What thrifted finds have you splurged on this past month?  Or what thrifted finds did you pass up?

Until next time, happy thrifting.


  1. You definitely show your thrifty side when a darling coat that's priced at 4.99 is too high!
    I, too, have asked for a discount in Goodwill. Whether they give a discount or not,they take it in stride that you ask. I have been in a few local charity thrift stores where they get offended if you ask because as they say, it's a donation. I guess Goodwill is used to it though, plus they have lots of stores, unlike many charity thrifts.
    I will have to start looking at coats. I have a thing for labels too:) Thanks for showing us these awesome finds!

  2. I LOVE the trench! I so would've bought the rainbowbrite oven even if I was way oo expensive I used to love her!

  3. Oh my goodness what great finds. Okay I feel a little better that there are some marked up prices at your goodwill. They wanted $75 dollars at mine last week for an overhead projector. I almost passed out. :) That Rainbow Brite stove would have been something I would have loved as a kid. :)

  4. You got some good stuff!!! I think the coat looks very cute on you, and I agree with your theory, it's only a good deal...if it's a really good deal.

  5. wow, those two last items are pricy!! I have never seen such high prices at our goodwill. Definitely they will eventually mark them down :)

  6. That coat is amazing!
    Well my recent finds that I did not pay a cent for are vintage aluminum tumblers. My mother is director of a non-profit organization that gets in ALL kinds of stuff. A lot of it has to be trashed. These tumblers were for the trash because the inside bottoms were in bad shape...not suited for drinking. I have no idea what I'll do with them, but they are great!

  7. Such cool finds... that Rainbow Brite stove is daaaated. I wonder how old it is? I'm with you - it's not a good deal, unless it's a TRUE thrift store price. Our Goodwill has days when they mark different colors of tags down... I usually shop, then..

  8. Great finds. I actually went to Goodwill last Thursday and found nothing. It was either too high or not what I was looking for. But you scored!

  9. I finally did it!!! I walked into the Goodwill with high hopes and a 50% mailer coupon the week after my patio umbrella took flight and crashed to the ground. Wouldn't you know it...a larger umbrella (9ft+) with a pulley system and tiltable rod was waiting there for me, marked at $19.99. Even with my coupon, it marked all the way down to $5.99!!! Perfect condition, great quality and even the colors of my old one! A similar one in the stores would be at least $100...so if his one takes flight again, I won't feel so sad (or will I, since it was such a steal?!?). Great finds Amy! Always look forward to these posts. And...love the jacket!

  10. omgosh that coat is *AH MAAAYYYY ZING* (said in a sing song voice) I might steal it too lol! that does surprise me about the Barbie house. omword - rainbow bright oh she was my BEST friend growing up - I wanted to BE her!

  11. I love the coat! I love rainbow bright too...that would've been hard to pass up if it weren't priced so high.
    I once found a tweed Chanel jacket with a beautiful velvet ribbon trim coven into the collar & lapel. I had to pass it up, because it was so small. I couldn't have made it smaller for a kid because of the bust darts would've messed up the print, and I don't know anybody that it would fit as is. It was $7 and I still think of it this day!

    1. I am always tempted with those too small finds :). That Chanel jacket sounds lovely.

  12. That coat is *darling* and you look so good in it. I wonder what its history might be...

  13. i loved rainbow bright as a kid, that would have been a hard piece for me to pass on :)

  14. I like the jacket. I think it is great how you do your shopping. :-) I will remember about asking the manager when I see a rip. Good advice.

  15. The coat is great! You made the right choice.

    That Rainbow Brite oven is soooo appealing. But $35!?!? Gah! I understand why you passed.

    Sometimes the pricing can seem a bit abitrary in our thrift stores too.

  16. Love the coat - really suits you and what a good price! You find the best things. I would've loved the Rainbow Brite oven, adored her as a child :) Bit pricey though!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  17. Great finds Amy! I just bought a carload of stuff from a lady yesterday. A bunch of cool stuff with a few pieces of not so cool stuff thrown in - the price was about 3 bucks a piece when divided out - which is GREAT considering some of the stuff is worth a LOT!

  18. Love, love, love that coat! So you! I am still not doing any thrifting or shopping. *sigh*

  19. that trench is oh so you! hope you are doing well...things have been a bit crazy so i have not been able to keep up with blogs. you've inspired me to get my thrift on this weekend;) have a great rest of the week...

  20. Fabulous finds Amy! Makes me want to go thrifting :) This summer has been so crazy busy I haven't even stopped at one garage sale or goodwill store since it got warm.

    Love that coat! Very cute :)

  21. Love the Chanel no 5 vase and cute coat. I don't have much luck at thrift stores. But that's ok!


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