Monday, November 11, 2013

Celebration Flag Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of guest posting at Sew a Fine Seam, where I shared a quick and easy sewing project perfect for any party, wedding or celebration.

Celebration flags!

To make some of your own celebration flags, you'll need to gather the following supplies:

Begin by folding your fabric in half.  The fold will act as the back of your pennant.

Using your pinking shears or cutter, cut out a pennant (or a skinny triangle) shape.  The point of your triangle should be on the opposite side of the fold.   

Open up the doubled over pennant shape you cut.  Center the dowel rod in the middle of the pennant.  Fold the pennant over, lining it back up.  With your nail, press down on the inside edge of the dowel rod to create a crease.  This will help guide you when sewing the pennant.

Head to your sewing machine.

Sew starting from the folded over edge at the top of the pennant, down to the tip.  Turn your pennant, at the tip, and continue sewing the bottom of the pennant stopping at the crease mark you made.  Turn and continue sewing following the line of the crease mark back up to the top of the pennant, creating a pocket for the dowel rod.

Insert dowel rod into the pocket you created.

 Optional:  add a ribbon bow.

What is not optional, waving.

These festive flags can be used instead of rice or bubbles for a wedding procession.

Or simply as fun party props.

These make me feel like celebrating.  I just folded laundry...seems like a good enough reason for me to celebrate!


  1. really the possibilities are endless! It could be a fun project for the children as well

  2. Lol three cheers for finishing the laundry, your flags are so cute polka dots always cheer me up :)

  3. I love these! They are so fun and festive! And have so many uses!

  4. these are so adorable! i love them. pinned this!

  5. These are so cute! I have the perfect fabric to make some really cute poka dot ones too. I better throw a party :)

  6. Your comments always make me smile. Thank you Amy.

  7. I think that these would be great for a birthday party - or even just for a happy day around the house! Fantastic!

  8. I celebrate when my laundry baskets are all empty :). And when the kitchen is clean. Small victories for us mommies!

  9. Still think these are so cute and fun! So happy that you shared them with me and my readers on my blog!


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