Monday, December 2, 2013

Gift Card Holder Tutorial

'Tis the season of giving gift cards. 

Every year, at least someone I am giving gifts to, has requested a gift card.  Sigh.  The impersonal exchange of a plastic gift card....Merry Christmas!

To make your gift cards a little more personal, grab the following supplies:  Fabric (this is a great stash buster), *optional snaps, Velcro or buttons and a rotary cutter or scissors.

Cut your fabric out.  To make a 2 pocket card holder cut both fabrics to the size of 11 1/2" by 5".  To make a 1 pocket card holder, cut both fabrics to the size 9 1/2" by 5".

Layer the 2 fabrics together, right sides facing each other.

Sew the two fabric sections together.  Sew 3 sides closed, leaving one of the shorter sides open.

Turn right side out.

Tuck in the raw edges of the open side.  It's always helpful to press or iron between steps.  Top stitch the open end closed.  *Optional, top stitch across the opposite finished side as well.

If making a 2 pocket card holder, fold your sewn rectangle in half and press.  Open the rectangle back up, fold each end in, to create a pocket on both sides.  Sew down the length of each long sides, sewing the sides of your pockets into place and creating a top stitch finishing touch as you go.

If making a single pocket card holder, fold over only one of the short sides.  Sew down the length of the rectangle, across the top of the non pocketed side and down the other side.

When completed, press or iron to give your card holders a finished look.

*Optional:  add a snap or Velcro to give your card holders a closing option.  Card holders can also be left without adding a closure.

**Creatively embellish your gift card holders.  Cut shapes out of felt or fabric and either glue onto your gift card holder or using fusible interfacing adhere your shape by ironing it into place.

The only thing left to a gift card.

Tuck it into your gift card holder.

And begin the season of gift card giving.

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  1. These are very sweet Amy! What a great way to personalize an otherwise rather impersonal gift card. This is a great idea!

  2. Wow! I love this! So easy and adorable. Thank you for sharing Amy.

  3. What a great idea! I love how they turned out.

  4. SO CUTE! I love the fabric you chose! Plaid and lights! AND STARBUCKS!

  5. Very cute Amy!! It's a great way to personalize an impersonal gift. Love the fabric you used but especially love the felt reindeer!

  6. I really like these!!! Gift cards are so easy, but they lack some creativity. This way you can add a personal touch. Great project. Uncle Boris is going to LOVE his present this year.

  7. I'm guilty of the gift card but more because I leave things to the last minute, love this idea and I love that light fabric. The deer is a very cute embellishment

  8. you are so talented! i love these

  9. Those are the cutest way to give gift cards! Now you want me to not only sew...but iron as well?? That's pushin it girl!

  10. Oh, I love the idea of wristlets. You should totally do that.

  11. What does your mom say about all those years of sending and receiving Christmas cards? Does she still send as many?

  12. These are just darling Amy! I saw them on fb and shared them - what a fun way to hand out gift cards or money this season!! And I love getting gift cards - it's such fun to be able to shop stores I love and pick out something I want and have the 'cash' to buy it!

  13. This is so cute! What an adorable idea to make gift cards more fun and festive!

  14. I love the design of these nice gift card holders, It just catch my attention when I saw it at the first sight.Thank you for sharing this DIY project.


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