Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Star Pillow Tutorial

Decorative pillows are the easiest way to change up decor.  Be it Christmas or the Fourth of July, these easy to make star pillows can be that statement piece you are looking for.

The best thing, these star pillows are SO easy to make.

First, decide on what fabric you want to use.  This will have exposed seams so try and select a fabric that doesn't easily fray.

Cut out 2 stars.  

Line your stars together, right sides facing out.  Sew up and down each star point leaving one side open.

Stuff your star generously with fiber fill.

Sew the remaining side closed either by hand or with a sewing machine.

If you want to add embellishments to your star, you can use buttons, sequin or rhinestones.   

I added 'SHINE' in sequin trim to the front of my pillow.

Display your pillows.

And admire.


  1. I agree pillows are a great way to change up decor. It's been a while since I've made a new pillow... I think it's time especially after seeing how adorable your star pillows turned out! And I love that you used sequin to spell out a word.. brilliant idea!! I assume you had to hand sew the sequin on, right?

    1. Thanks Maysem. Besides for the hand sewing of the sequin. This was so easy to make.

  2. These are perfect for Christmas and the 4th! I love these. Anything that has exposed seams are fun because zero fuss factor. I completely agree about pillows being the perfect way to change things up. They whip up quick and add a fun punch to your house. Great job!

  3. Adorable!!! You could totally sell these in your shop :)

  4. oh so cute!! I luv how u can use them for lots of holidays!, Christmas, valentines, memorial day, 4th, and labor day! I might try my had at these I got half a bag of foam.

  5. Oh I love those and I hate making pillows but exposed seams could really change that!

  6. never done a star pillow. looks so cute paired the small and larger one


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