Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Goodwill Hunting Roundup

It's that time of month where I show off my thrifted finds from the past month. 

I've done a lot of shopping this month BUT wait until you see the deals I got.

One of my favorite sections to check out, when shopping Goodwill, is the children's clothes.  Occasionally, I'll stumble across a nearly new sparkly dress for Grace.  For $3.99, there was no passing up this beauty.

Again this month, Goodwill offered a promotion that if you brought in a bag of donations they'd give you a 30% off coupon.  I happily donated a bag and took advantage of the additional 30% off.   *If you haven't already, sign up for emails from Goodwill so you don't miss promotions like this.

I recently began a hunt for mismatched vintage plates.  Image a stack of beautiful mismatched vintage plates laid out for a party.  They'd add charm to any event and I suspect make the food taste better too.  The plates were .49 cents each.  With my additional 30% discount, each plate cost me .32 cents. 

I found 5 stencil brushes.  The brushes were .49 cents each.  These were purchased with my additional 30% off coupon so these brushes cost a grand total of $1.62. 

The woodaholic is using the dark handled brushes to paint his barn wood bunnies and the other brushes found their way into Grace's craft station.

Though I have no immediate need for this vintage beaded trim, I couldn't put it back on the shelf. 

This summer, we are attempting to get our girlie girl exposed to some sports.  She'll start soccer in April.  I'm hoping she enjoys it but would hate to invest in new equipment if it turns out she doesn't.  I found an extra small pair of shin guards for $1.99.  I also found a catcher's mitt for .99 cents...though, I realize she won't need this for soccer, at least I don't think :)

I've enticed the mister to join me in my Goodwill shopping.  He came across an English made police whistle for $2.99.  With the 30% off coupon it ended up being $1.98. 

Again, this past month, I found some great books for Grace.  Not only does she enjoy being read chapter books but she is also getting really good at reading books on her own.  All the books below were .59 cents each, with the exception of the brand new Jingle and Bell's Christmas book which was .99 cents.

After Goodwill, I headed to Hallmark, where all the Christmas stock was marked down to 75% off.  There, I found a brand new Bell for $8!  Bell is one of those interactive story buddies.  She'll be tucked away, along with the .99 Jingle and Bell book, until Christmas when she'll be wrapped for Grace. 

Over Christmas, I had bought a few gifts from The Gap and in return, I was given $25 Gap cash.  Like any good thrifter, I waited until I could combine my Gap cash with an additional discount.  The day that I went, there was an additional 30% off all sale items. 

I bought a package of undies (7 pairs) and some new socks for Grace along with the following...

All for $25! 

Sometimes shopping in conventional stores is even better than shopping at thrift stores.

What were your best finds this past month?


  1. Hope Grace likes soccer!! Both my girls like the idea of it, but not the actual sport. Which is strange because they run EVERYWHERE.

  2. All great finds. I love the formal party dress. I need to frequent Goodwill more often, especially for special occasion stuff. The hubs and I just share different opinions on 2nd hand clothes. I love them (after a wash) and he thinks it's weird. Oh well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him (or our kids, hehe). And love the collection of vintage plates you're starting. Definitely will add charm. We use paper plates for parties still, hehe. No "finds" for me this week since we're cutting back on spending. Did buy 2 lunches for $5 each. That's pretty awesome, hehe.

  3. Well that's absolutely unbelievable - I ordered supper for 25.00 lol
    I love that little dress - it's just gorgeous and that pink mitt is too cute too ! What great finds!

  4. Hmmm... I've often thought about doing the mismatched plate thing. I can't wait to see your table once you have a complete set!

  5. Man you find the best stuff. When I saw the plates I was sure you were going to do a plate wall in your new kitchen but yes I like the idea of mismatched settings. I can't believe what you got for $25 that's incredible. I have actually scored a bargain I got two chairs which my Mum thinks are from the 50's or 60's in mint condition for $2 and they are so comfortable but an ugly green so now I have to decide how to make them over and not ruin them :)

  6. Great finds and at such great prices! You are a great bargain shopper!

  7. very nice - the sparklies are awesome! so cool hubby is going with you, mine just says are we done? are we done?

  8. amazing finds! i went to Goodwill on Sunday and only walked away with a CD :)

  9. I try :)

    I teased the mister that it was actually a dog whistle. I kept blowing it and claiming I didn't hear a thing :)

  10. You are the thrift queen! They know me so well at our little, local thrift store that they point things out to me when I go in.

  11. A Bobby whistle! I think I have one of those from when I was a kid. And you are the second blog I've read this morning with a plate pattern I happen to have, so I'm now inspired to do a post about my plates. Thanks, cuz I needed more to do......

  12. I love these posts of your Amy! I'm so itching to go garage saleing and thrifting - warm weather hurry up!

  13. Hands down, you are the shopping queen...thrifting or conventional! Great scores! Our goodwill doesn't offer email anything. :(

  14. Amy I love the silver sparkly dress.. Grace is going to look fab in it!! And I love your Gap purchases too especially the black/yellow top! You are a master at bargain finds! Oh.. and the dinner plate on the left.. my parents have a set of those!!


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