Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Evening Out

Being parents to a 3 year old, date nights are few and far between BUT since we had a birthday to celebrate, we found ourselves a sitter.

We hit our favorite Cuban restaurant for some ropa vieja.

Ironic, our favorite meal is ropa vieja, which translated means 'old clothes' because no one may have guess, I was glammed up in a thrifted $3.99 100% silk pencil skirt and a thrifted $4.99 wool jacket.

After dinner, we headed to Holiday, a rat pack inspired club. Pictures of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra adorn every wall. It has a very Mad Men feel, which I adore.

They also have an original 1950s photo booth. You know the kind, 4 black and white pictures on a strip.

Cheesy, perhaps but cheese appeals to me.

A local entertainment television show, 190 North, just happened to be filming while we were there.

We were approached and asked to be on camera. They had spotted us earlier, taking pictures in the photo booth and wanted us to reenact our photo booth session but my husband quickly declined.

This was as close as I could get him to being on camera.

I'd say, for not often having a night out on the town, this date night was definitely memorable, even if it did end at 9 pm.

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