Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goodwill Hunting Roundup

Flea Market season has come to an end for the year. So the thrifts stores have my undivided attention.

For .49 cents, I found these Hallmark cookie cutters. They were still in the original package. I can only imagine they are from the 70s. I love the mushroom. They are perfect for play dough and we might even use them to make some salt dough ornaments.

I bought this pear for $3.99. I am toying with the idea of spray painting it because...

It reminded me of a pear I recently pinned on pinterest from Antropologie for $148.

For $1.99 I bought this apothecary jar and, in Nate Burkus fashion, am now displaying a few of my scarves inside.

I have been in need for a new makeup bag. So, when I stumbled upon this Bath and Body Works bag for $2.99, I knew it was meant to be.

Ever wonder if I check out Goodwill's clothes? The answer, without a doubt. You never know what you'll find.

Goodwill goes through their donations prior to putting them out for sale. So, you won't find stained, torn or worn out clothing. I have found a number of things that are still brand new with the tags or that have dry cleaning tags affixed.

This is probably my favorite find. For $4.99, I loved the vintage feel. I also loved the inside of the coat as much as the outside. I just got to wear this on a recent date night with my handsome husband.

Jackets must have been on my radar this month because I also found this little coat for $3.99.

For $4.99, I thought this black jacket from Express would look adorable with a pair of jeans. I am sure, even on clearance, this jacket never was $4.99.

With the holidays coming up, this faux fur jacket for only $5.99, could be the perfect finishing touch for my holiday outfits.

With a blog called, While Wearing Heels, it shouldn't surprise you that I peruse the shoe section. I added these Ann Klein shoes for $4.99. The soles were in perfect condition.

I have been thinking of adding a pair of bold red shoes to my wardrobe. I am sure I'll only wear them a few times SO when I came across these for $4.99 I know I won't feel any guilt about only wearing them a few times.

If you haven't checked out the clothes at your local thrift store, give them a chance and take a look.

A few tips to consider before diving in. Be familiar with brands, there are some unbelievable deals to be had. Grab anything that catches your eye, you can always go through your cart and edit when you are done shopping. Turn over can be quick so if you think you might like it, grab it. Be prepared to look through the racks, it may seem overwhelming but that's where you'll find those hidden gems.

Happy thrifting!

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