Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And the wrapping continues...

Like most parents {I hope}, we have been reminding Grace that Santa is watching in hopes that any bad behavior will be quickly corrected.

So, when I started wrapping her gifts, I loved the idea of incorporating that in her gift tags.

Just another reminder that he knows if you've been good or be good for goodness sake.

And you better not cry.

I just found some pictures I wanted to use, pulled them into Picnik {a free photo editing website}, added the text and then printed them out on card stock.

And, we can't forget, the most famous reindeer of all.

I wish I were done but...

The wrapping continues.


  1. Super cute tagging idea! Oh, where does the time go? I am just lucky to get them wrapped in time. :)

  2. @Jenny, thank you so much for the feedback, you just made my day! Good luck with your wrapping and happy holidays!

  3. Cute tags! The last couple of years I've used the tags available on the Canon craft site and imported pictures of my kids, but these are so much cuter. This past Christmas I used the tags; but struck upon an idea my kids loved - I painted a couple of small blackboard (just using a couple of scraps of MDF and some blackboard paint I had in the shed) and put their names on the blackboard, and stacked the gifts for each kid behind each name. Kids recognise their own name long before they can actually read; so even the preschoolers knew whose presents were whose. I'm toying with the idea, this year, of just wrapping each child's present in different wrapping paper - leaving off the tags altogether - and letting them guess . . .

  4. @Quimby, you have some great ideas for wrapping. I'll have to add them to the list for next year. Thanks for your feed back and sharing your ideas!


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