Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Self Fulfilling Prophecies & New Year's Resolution

I have always believed some people are runners and others are not. My dad, for example is a runner.

Me, well, I fell into the 'not a runner' category. I struggled to run a mile, panting the entire time, barely finishing in under 13 minutes.

Last year, for Christmas, I made a new year's resolution to become more fit so I asked for a Nike Plus Sensor.

It's a sensor that goes into the sole of your shoe that tracks your runs {distance and time} and calories burned. It tracks your runs by day and also gives you a cumulative total since you began. It basically provides you with the motivation to run, when otherwise you might find an excuse not to.

Today, I entered the blue level which means since January 3rd {of this year} I have run 622 miles to date. When I look back on my runs from the beginning of the year, I see an average of 13 minutes per mile. My run from today, I averaged an 8 minute 45 second mile. I may not love to run but I now feel an accountability since my runs are tracked to make the time to run.

So in the end, I realized that I do fall into the runner category. It's amazing the things we can accomplish if only we try. So, when you are thinking of your New Year's Resolutions, don't underestimate yourself, you might even surprise yourself...I certainly did.

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