Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Traditions

This weekend we celebrated my husband's birthday.

Birthdays have always been a BIG deal in my family, thanks to my mom. We were raised to really celebrate and make sure that when it is your birthday you...

In hopes of bringing a smile to my husband's face and remind him of all the fun we have had since his last birthday, every year, I make birthday signs.

I pick about a dozen or so pictures and create funny captions for each.

Then, I hide them all over our house for him to stumble upon.

And if you think he doesn't like it, every year, he continues to give me plenty of pictures to find humor in.

So, happy birthday to a man that reminds me not to take life to seriously.

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  1. LOVE this Amy! It really is the small things that mean the most. This is such a fun tradition for your family. Thank you for sharing- I think I will start doing this next year.


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