Monday, December 19, 2011

More Homemade Ornaments

With less than a week before Christmas {seriously where has the time gone}, this weekend was all about making ornaments.

Top on Grace's Christmas list is a kitten. I don't think that Riley would appreciate the addition of a cat SO I made Grace this ornament, which is as close to a kitty as she is going to get this year.

As I have mentioned, I prefer adding a homemade gift tag to the top of gifts. Loving all things vintage and kitschy I decided to make a Volkswagen van and personalize the license plate.

I received the highest compliment from my husband, when after he saw it, he suggested we need one as well.

I also made a Polaroid tag but since this is going to someone that is 11 I am not even sure she'll know what it is.

Of course, after I finished the Polaroid, I saw the coolest tutorial from Katie Cupcake on making a felt Polaroid ornament incorporating a real picture.

One of my favorite ornaments, that each year gets hung on my tree, is a salt dough ornament I made in kindergarten {a long time ago}.

This year, as a family, we made our own salt dough ornaments. The Christmas trees have one of each of our fingerprints {hopefully, once painted, the fingerprints might look like ornaments or lights on the tree}. The circles have thumb print hearts. My favorite, Grace's partial hand print.

I found the recipe over at Busy Bee Kids Crafts. It does take about 4 hours in the oven to completely dry out your ornaments out SO we ran out of time to paint them...can you guess what we have planned to do today?

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