Friday, February 22, 2013

This is Me - February Link Party

February's theme was: Reflections.

Last month, 14 brave women stepped in front of the camera and shared their 'simple moment'.

Rosie at The Frugal Freshman Homemaker

Each portrait captured a moment,

Mel at Mellywood's Mansion

drew you in

Rea at home for 4 sweet home

and told a story.

Erin at Crafty Biggers

Lisa, from Wine and Glue put into words so eloquently the reasons that inspired me to start this challenge to begin with and will inspire me to continue.

So, now is your turn.  Come out from behind the camera, capture your reflection and inspire us all.

While Wearing Heels

Let's get this party are our linky rules:
  • There will be a link up here on the last Friday of every month this year, and the linky tool will remain open to your submissions until the last Friday of the next month.
  • Please link back to the permalink for your *This Is ME* blog post or flickr image, not just the general url for your blog or flickr stream.
  • Linked entries must be to a blog post or flickr image of your recent self-portraits, not just any old photo. Your photo does not have to relate to the optional monthly theme, but it does need to be a self-portrait.
  • Please do link back here to my blog either through a text link, or with my button found below to help encourage others to participate and grow our community.
  • And most importantly, be the encouragement you hope to receive and help build our self-portrait community! Please try to visit a few of the links of your fellow *This Is ME* participants and leave a nice comment--it only takes a few minutes and you may be inspired by what you see.
Well, that's get linking everyone! I'll see you back here on Friday, March 1st, for our March theme announcement, and in the meantime, keep showing us your stuff in the flickr pool.



  1. This is on my to do list this weekend. I'm so far behind. :)

  2. Loved yesterday's post........I like seeing YOU!!!!!!! I love your hair.

  3. Okay, I tried, puddles, mirrors, the pool... But this was the best one. And it looks a lot like yours ;) Can't wait to see everyone else's! xo

  4. You are so beautiful dear Amy! Tried to comment on your last post, but wouldn't let me. So now you get it here :-). my reflection picture is coming...
    hugs to you

  5. I really enjoyed this months theme, it really had me thinking about who I am.

    Can't wait to see everyone else :)

  6. Hi Amy,
    I could not comment on Thursday's post.
    I enjoyed it. I really like the quotes you added. They are so true. I wish they would be easier for us to believe.
    Great job!

  7. I loved this idea when i first read about it last month...i'll get a pic of myself to share . Eventually. I promise, pinky promise :)

    1. Thank you so much Lori Ann. I hope we get to a your lovely reflection!

  8. Aw, thanks for the sweet words {and the monthly challenge}, Amy.

  9. Since comments weren't allowed in the previous post (or at least that's the message I see)... just wanted to say I love your words of wisdom... beautiful! Amy, you are definitely one special gal:)

  10. thank you for featuring my daughter's and mine's feet with cute slippers on amy :) i love this series...


  11. Hi Amy,
    Sorry a few days late with my entry. Love this theme though. I love all the photos entered but I think my very favorite are the car mirror reflections. Just reminds me so much of younger days, when going for a ride in the car could be a special occasion:)
    Thanks Amy!


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