Monday, February 4, 2013

*Punny* Finger Painted Silhouette Valentines

No matter how old your little one is, this is the perfect option for a personalized, meaningful Valentine's day card, thank you card or just because card.

What you'll need:
Finger paints
Card stock {white to paint on and colored to create your card out of}
Silhouette shapes {we did a Google image search for animal shapes}
Stamps, markers or pen {to write your card out}

And a willing artist...

When the finger painting masterpiece, your little artist created, has completely dried, trace out a few silhouette shapes of animals {or whatever shape you decide}.

Either you or your little artist {depending on how skilled they are with scissors} can cut the finger painting shapes out.

Using either stamps, markers or a pen add a caption to your card. I am a fan of adding some sort of a pun to my cards. As if ewe hadn't already guessed.

I guarantee, anyone that receives one of these cards will think they are purr-fect.

This is such an easy way to involve your little one {regardless of age} so they can create something truly unforgettable.

What a sweet way to let some bunny, any bunny know how much you care.

I hope you and your little artist have fun making some of your own cards and creating some memories in the process.


  1. These are so adorable! I love the some bunny loves you card. :) What a great way to make personalized Valentines. Megan

  2. I absolutely loved every single one! It's an adorable idea and fun way to involve the little ones. You are definitely the queen of puns Amy! :P

  3. Ahh! Maddy would die for the elephant!! So cute :)

  4. So cute Amy! You do such a great job of doing crafty stuff with Gracie!

  5. Oh so cute, I love me a pun!! I'm with Jill you do, do a great job of letting Grace be crafty.

  6. Eeeeeekkkk! Fourth graders.......for mom or dad! Thank you! Pinning to my teacher board!

  7. CUTE! I've got to get started on the boys Valentines! These would be cute framed February art!

  8. How fun! Love the bunny one especially!

  9. so cute! now i want to paint and make cards too;)


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