Friday, February 1, 2013

This is ME - February Theme Reveal

While Wearing Heels

The (optional) self-portrait theme for February is...your reflection.

Whether it be a mirror, a puddle, a window, you name it, if you see yourself looking back, then snap it.

As you walk or drive around, notice all the different surfaces in which you see your reflection. Then stop and capture the moment.

Looking into The Bean at Millennium Park, Chicago

Ironically, Jutta from Creative Chaos already shared a beautiful and artistic 'reflection' image in the January Self Portrait Party. 

The theme 'your reflection' was provided for inspiration but the theme is optional.  All self portraits are welcome.

The Simple Moment's January linky party is still open, so if you want to post a link you still have time.  If you haven't already, please go check out the brave women that joined the challenge to show them your support and encouragement.

Don't forget, non bloggers can share their self portrait pictures in the flickr pool

I'll see you at the end of the month, Friday, February 22, to see your latest self portraits.


  1. Okay, this one I'm going to do. I'm more comfortable doing my reflection than I am using the timer (yet). :)

  2. The side mirror pictured is awesome... such a cool image! You have a natural talent for photography. :)

  3. Thanks so much dear Amy :-)! Will go looking for some more reflections xxx

  4. what a great idea! :) I'll give it a whirl. :)

  5. One of my favorite vacation photos from this summer is of me having snapped a picture of myself in the rearview mirror as we drove through the mountains, hair whipping out the window! LOVE this theme!

  6. Love this theme! I will definitely try to participate!

  7. This is fun! Love that car mirror shot.

  8. Reflections, hmmm I'll have to remember to have my phone or camera charged and about with me and I know every time I think of doing this I'm going to be singing the song "reflections of you, reflections of me, reminding us of how we used to be" then I'm going to be annoyed because I wont be able to get it out of my head :D

  9. You know I want to do this. But will I get on the stick, or behind the camera as the case may be, and actually get it done?

    Your car mirror photo is a keeper. I can see that on your wall.


  10. You're blog title reeled me in, your content hooked me!! Love it, glad to be a new follower!!

  11. this is nice Amy! will definitely be joining this :)


  12. Hi Amy,
    Love these photos:) Cool theme! It'll be fun looking for possible shots:) Di

  13. How fun! Amy, The Bean is on my list! Can you believe I have't seen it? Wasn't Jutta's photo awesome as well? I love that girl!

  14. Here's ours from the BIG BLEND theory:

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