Wednesday, October 10, 2012

100 Year Old Kitchen

Welcome to our 100 year old kitchen.

Well, that was the kitchen we were welcomed to when we bought our house.

Of course, we did a little work to it and by a little, I mean, striped the walls down to the lath board.  That's me wielding a crow bar.  This girl isn't afraid of hard work, while wearing heels or not.

And, though this HUGE home improvement project gave us moments of doubt, during the 2 months it took to complete, our kitchen began to get put back together and the memories of the lath board faded.

With the exception of replacing the gigantic radiator, with a more compact under cabinet heating unit, we did ALL of the work in the kitchen ourselves {with a whole lot of help from my dad}.

It's still a small kitchen, so we tried to make the most of the space that we have, including an art station for Grace made out of chalkboard contact paper.

The window above our sink was transformed into a greenhouse simply by adding 2 rows of glass shelves

Flea market finds and Goodwill treasures decorate our kitchen, hopefully adding back some charm that should be found in a 100 year old kitchen.

A flower frog holds a handwritten recipe from my grandma.  A Tiffany blue vintage scale shows off paper mache apple Grace just made.  The silver tray and blue soap dispenser were recent Goodwill finds.

Above our cabinets, I have our wedding guest book platter displayed, I love looking up and seeing the signatures of people I love.  The weather vane, a recent flea market find, points in the correct case I should find myself lost in the kitchen.

Our most recent flea market find, a greenhouse temperature gauge.  One day, I am hoping my talented husband will make me a greenhouse out of old windows BUT for now...

It hangs above my 'be happy just because' chalkboard sign.

Lastly, the hallway wall that leads into our kitchen went from this...

to this.   

The French door leads to our walk-in pantry {which also contains my craft supplies}.  Our pantry is another step closer to its grand reveal. 

And, that concludes our tour of the kitchen...

If you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, head out the back door to our screened in back deck.

But that will have to be a tour for another day :)


  1. LOVELY!! We pulled out a ton of plaster and the lath too in several rooms in this house. I don't think I have any pics of me - it was long before blogging! But I was right in there in the midst of the mess too - doing all I could to speed the process along!

  2. Wow! That is just a gorgeous transformation. It's fresh and modern but fits in perfectly with the feel of an older home. Love all the thrift store touches, too. I always feel that they make a space so unique and special.


  3. Your kitchen is beautiful - so you now have officially lost our competition! I hope when I get to mine it comes up as nice as yours. The hall also looks amazing :) Grace's apple is perfect decor

  4. Wow you all did an amazing job! I really like your kitchen and that greenhouse is so clever. Can't wait to tour the rest of your house!

  5. oh wow! it is beautiful, i bet this is your best place to hang out :)

    my favorite? the two rows of glass shelves by the it!


  6. Amy, this is a wonderful kitchen! I love the wall color and the sophisticated black accents and how innovative and resourceful you guys are! And Graces apple.... Bravo!

  7. That's an amazing transformation! With two talented visionaries like you and your husband, of course a 100 year old home was bound to be turned into something amazing. From what I see in pictures, it looks like you have a beautiful home that you and your husband can say you kinda built...semi-built:D

  8. Love!!!

    We never got around to doing the kitchen in our 100 year old Chicago kitchen but it had soo much potential. It's really fun seeing what you did to yours. I love it. (Especially the weather vane ;)

    Our current kitchen is so much better than our Chicago kitchen but I still don't like it and am itching to take a crow bar to its walls ;)

    I have to admit, what I'm really excited for is the pantry reveal. I loove a good pantry, especially a walk-in pantry!!

    Nice job, friend. :)

  9. What an amazing kitchen!!!! I love that you did it all yourself!

  10. Your kitchen is beautiful!! I can't believe that's the same space. It looks like it came straight out of a magazine.

  11. This is gorgeous dear Amy! I love your kitchen!!!! Hugs, Jutta

  12. A-W-E-S-O-M-E project! great job. Looks absolutely amazing!

  13. Amy that is just stunning!! Anyone who takes on lathe and plaster deserves a special place in heaven!! I love the bright openess of it all. The weather vane is especially cool! Grace's apple is sweet and I am envious of your green house window! (I'll be showing that to Sam tonight...just for a hint!) Great job and I'm intrigued by your screened in porch!

  14. What a beautiful kitchen! It's so bright and beautiful. I love everything about it. Especially your island and great light that pours in. Megan

  15. Impressive! How long have you lived in your house? You've certainly tackled a huge project with grace and determination and it looks great!

  16. This is unbelieveably gorgeous! My dream kitchen! I'm so happy today I found a vintage scale of my very own while helping to prep our churches rummage sale! I think you definitely made your house the whole thing! And its overflowing with natural dream!

  17. It looks like a show kitchen - it's gorgeous! People must gravitate there when they visit you.

  18. Oh. My. Gosh. My breath was just taken away. No lie. The vignette with the scale and frog. AHHHH! And that greenhouse gauge and WEATHER VANE! OHMYGOSHSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH! Beautiful work.

  19. when do you sleep lady? Spaces are always more precious when they are hand-made. well done lovely, x

  20. Nice work! The "after" looks about a thousand times better than the "before"!

  21. Great job. I love your greenhouse. What kind of plants do you all have? Where did you find them?

  22. I love the whole place. The green house shelves are perfect. Can't wait to see the finished pantry. That on my list, although mine is an former broom closet!

  23. So gorgeous!! I looks absolutely beautiful! You guys did a great job!!

  24. Your kitchen is absolutely adorable now! Well done, it is such a great improvement... and having done it mostly all by yourself, even better! S xx

    1. Thank you so much Sophie. What a sweet comment. My kitchen and I are blushing.

  25. luv luv luv it all. i'm finally getting my cabinets painted in late November - YAY!!


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