Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Party Goodie Bags

This is a year of firsts for me.

Grace started preschool for the first time...and I have volunteered to be a room mom for the first time.

I have found myself in charge of goodie bags for her "fall" party.  Since it's a "fall" party, we were told to avoid using ghosts, witches or anything that has a Halloween theme. 

Fortunately, timing is everything. 

Erin from Just*Grand shared a tutorial for Pottery Barn Knockoff Decorative Matchboxes and she used the cutest pumpkin graphic from The Graphic Fairy

Inspired, I decided to use that pumpkin graphic and print it out on brown paper bags.

I copied the graphic to a word document, adjusted the paper guide on my printer to securely fit the brown bags and printed them out.  *It did take a few runs to get the placement of the graphic right.  To help the paper bag feed through the printer, as the printer was grabbing the bottom of the bag I was also applying gentle pressure to the top of the bag pushing it down.

18 bags later, I think they make the perfect "fall" party goodie bags.

And, I've already started to fill them. I found a quick and easy play dough recipe from Musings From a Stay at Home Mom. One batch made 5 rolls of play dough. 

So, experienced room moms out there...what else do I fill these goodie bags with?

This may be my first time as room mom but I am determined to make sure it doesn't look like it's my first.


  1. Oh holy smokes Amy....what a lucky class to have you as a room mother! Those bags are adorable and the little balls of playdough that look like pumpkins are darling! You are so clever. How much time do you have?

  2. Those bags are so adorable. I agree with Danni they lucked out getting you as the room mother. Playdough is a great idea to stuff in there too. Maybe you could make crayons in the shape of a fall related item with a candy mold.

  3. no room mom experience here...but maybe cookies in a shape of a leaf, "fall" stickers ($tree), pretzel sticks (look like tree's sticks)...

  4. Hi, Amy.
    Thanks for the shout out on the pumpkin labels. You will be a great room mom! These turned out really well. Suggestions for other treats to include - can you go to the dollar store? Pencils, erasers, glow stick bracelets for trick or treating, bouncy balls, tiny games, etc. And one more little tip from my Girl Scout Leader days- always plan a few more activities for the party than you think you'll need. Everything goes way faster than you think it will! Have fun!
    I am so happy for you, to have all the wonder and delight of life spread out in front of you. Trust your instincts because I know that your earnest, grateful spirit will always truly guide you.
    Xoxo Erin

  5. I doubt it'll look like it's your first! Without a double you're going to end up looking like a pro:) I've never been a room mom but my sister is one every year and she shares ideas with me or asks me for ideas (usually craft ideas though when she's in charge of that). As for what to put in the bags.. I love the crayon idea that was suggested. Are edible items permissible at Grace's school (some schools don't allow food at all)? If so, the cookie idea is cute too. One of my sister's faves is chocolate dipped pretzel logs since it's fast and easy. Her school requests for healthier items and that tends to be acceptable. She dips the pretzel logs partly in chocolate.. you can dip it in orange and then the tip of the dipped side in green to imitate a pumpkin.. or how about dip it in milk chocolate (the tree) and then dot/tear drop on different chocolate colors (the leaves)...Daniela's "tree sticks" comment triggered that! I've seen fish snacks in fall colors. But if it doesn't have to be healthy... there is a plethora of cute ideas out there! If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know!

  6. These are sooo cute! Love that you are sending playdough instead of snacks! Such a great favor.

  7. the kids are going to LOVE these!!!! what an awesome room mom!!

  8. Those are gorgeous!

    But be warned, being a room mom is like being in the mafia. Once they have you, you can never get out. Especially once you've proven yourself to be so competent and creative.

    You have been warned. ;)

  9. Oh the tasks of the room mom! My mother did it for years!

  10. Your bags are cute. Room Mom, I'm not sure what that is? Goodie bags, I try to limit the sugar, especially when it's for little ones. They get so hyped up.

  11. How about adding a fall scavenger hunt? I did this for my son's second grade class. They loved it!

    I love your bags!
    Have fun and I can not wait to see your finished product.

  12. Ummm...if you were MY class' room mom, I would hold you hostage for the rest of the year so the rest of the faculty wouldn't see your talents, lol. These are great and much more creative than anything that's ever graced my room. If you're looking for goodies, Oriental Trading is pretty good (and cheap!).

  13. As a teacher, I have seen my fair share of goodie bags, and these are adorable!

    Candy is always good. Trinket-y toys are always good too. Oriental Trading Co sells cheap stuff like that!

  14. Not having any kids, I'm no help here. But what exactly is a room mom? We didn't have that when I was in school and I've never heard my nephew mention that either.

    I love your bags and the Playdough is a great idea!


    1. Basically it's a Mom that makes treats for special occasions and brings them for the whole class. It depends on where but, sometimes the room Mom is responsible for coordinating with other parents for room parties and stuff too. :)

  15. You will be the room mom that all others will be judged by!! Lucky class! Can you use food, or can it only be "no food items" that is the rule in my district this year because of allergies. Stickers, are always a hit, pencils and crayons go over well too. Sometimes you can get lucky and find little fall coloring books. Amy we had those cute pom pom pumpkins from Repeat Crafter Me on Bonbon Break a few weeks ago, do you remember? Those are cute too! I can't wait till you are done and you show them to us!!

  16. I would put some sort of healthy snack in them... like animal crackers or some sort of peanut butter crackers. Target $1 spot has tons of cute fall stuff for kids! (pencils, little coloring books, that sort of thing!) These are so cute! I don't think anyone will be able to tell that you're a first time room Mom. ;)

  17. Lucky class! Enjoy it since they grow up fast! I would suggest pumpkin/leaf stickers, small coloring books, pencils. If you can do food I would put a small apple, pumpkin/leaf shaped cookies, pretzels. From finding small items around our house (years later) I would stay away from 'items' that don't get used up.

  18. Being room mom is no easy task, you're doing great! I love those bags!

  19. Oh the play dough is a great idea! And I know you will not look like a first time room mom. No way - you have just too many cool party ideas!!

  20. I would never think to print goodies bags! Back when we had lots of room in our house and a ton of neighbors, we had a Halloween party for the kids. I also put in homemade playdough {which is WAY better than the store bought brand!} and I included some fall shaped cookie cutters from the dollar section or store. Print off a fall coloring sheet and add crayons. I love all of the little bags of pretzels and fish - those are always a good handout! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  21. I love writing and drawing; and inspiring others to as well - so for big handouts I buy a packet of pencils/markers in the colour scheme you like, and throw one in each bag!
    PS - Your bags are brilliant!

  22. Those are super cute, and what a good idea to print on paper bags! Thanks for linking this up to The Fun In Functional!


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