Friday, October 12, 2012

Cleaning Up My Craft Area

Thanks to October Overhauling, I have reorganized my craft supplies.

The real miracle here is that you can actually see the tile countertop again.

I tend to craft with reckless abandon.  In the process, I can't be bothered with things like cleaning and organizing. 

Instead, I stack and throw and jumble.

But, this often leads to me wasting a lot of time and energy looking for the most random of things. 

I'll admit, organized is probably a more efficient way to go.

That basket, on the top shelf, needs to find a new home because...

In 2 short weeks, we are having our vintage library ladder installed in our pantry.  When it finally gets installed, I'll be showing off the rest of the pantry.

I even cleaned the stack of crafts and supplies that have found a home next to my sofa.  

I purged down to the bare essentials.  The only thing you'll find next to my sofa {besides for cords} a small bag with some of my basic sewing necessities. 

Getting everything organized was actually the easy part.  Keeping it all organized is going to be the real challenge.


  1. woman, you have a lot of craft supplies! but that's good for you to take the time to organize!


  2. Do you hear that? It's the sound of me swooning. Over the library ladder. And the organization. And the walk-in pantry. I love it all!

  3. Looks fantastic, Amy! You certainly will be able to make many new projects on your counter now. I love the ladder too!

  4. Wow! You did a wonderful job Amy. I'm seriously envious of that ladder. It's amazing!

  5. Great job Amy! I've really got to get my area reorganized :) Like you said, it's keeping it organized that's the problem.

  6. Good luck keeping organized. I am just like you! I tend to toss, throw and stack. :) This inspires me to do better.

  7. Yay, good job! I need to do mine - hmm maybe later! I'm in love with your ladder can't wait to see it installed

  8. Great Job! I have followed and cheered everybody along, and I am trilled for each one who has overhauled. I am going to do that, too. As soon as I buy some cute baskets, fold all my fabric neatly, throw out those 30-yr old "embroidery paints" (which I doubt any of you are old enough to remember), and move the stash beside my chair, that has taken over my chair, so I have a place to rest inbetween bouts of feverish organizing.
    Seriously, y'all have done great. Lovin' that ladder!

  9. Very impressive. I could perhaps attempt this in my closet of "stuff" but I'm scared to take it all out.


  10. Looks pretty snappy now! Let me know that trick to "keeping it all organized"....if I ever knew it, I forgot it!!

  11. Looking good Amy! My sewing room looks a wreck again - because I am in the middle of that chair slip cover! Going to try to finish that up today.

  12. Wow! I want to come craft at your house.. you're so neat and organized! great job!

  13. This looks so good! Well done you!!! At least you have the pics to motivate you when it gets out of hand again.

  14. How did I miss this post! Could be because I had a crazy day on Friday;) Everything looks awesome! Guess what, my craft space is finally back to being a mess after all the clean up I did a couple weeks ago. I'm going in reverse for October Overhauling...LOL!


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