Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Lavender Sachet

Did you know lavender is known to help reduce stress and prevent insomnia?

When I came across some freshly harvested lavender, from a local flea market, it was as if I had been given a secret potion that would help me relax and sleep.

BUT before I could relax and sleep, I had to think of a more stylish way to store my lavender than a ziploc bag. 

The solution, a lavender sachet, of course.

Gather the following supplies:
Muslin {or fabric of preference}
Copy paper
Freezer Paper
Spray adhessive

Thanks to Home Frosting's wax paper transfer method, I was able to take a *graphic from The Graphic Fairy and transfer it onto fabric.  *The image I selected originally said 'Grain', using PicMonkey, I removed 'Grain' and added 'Lavender'.    

The concept is really simple.  Using spray adhesive, spray the paper side of freezer paper and adhere it to a sheet of copy paper.  Trim off any excess freezer paper.  Run the copy paper through your printer, the shiny side of the freezer paper facing the ink cartridge.  *If you are using an image with words, you will need to flip your image.

Moisten the fabric.  Turn the printed image {freezer paper facing fabric} onto the damp fabric and evenly press down with your finger over the back of the copier paper.

It took 2 attempts to determine the correct amount of moisture to apply to get the image transferred correctly.  The fabric should be barely damp. 

Though the image will transfer onto your fabric, there will still be remnants of the image on the paper, so take care in lifting the paper up so that it doesn't smudge.  Depending on how dark you want your image, you can get two transfers out of one printed image.

The best part of this freezer paper method, you can just wipe the image off and reuse the same piece of paper.

After your transferred image has dried, cut out the fabric to make your sachet.  Mine is cut approximately 4 by 5 inches.

Leaving a 1/4 of an inch seam allowance, sew around the sachet leaving an inch gap to turn your sachet right side out.  Cut the corners off so when turned the right way, your corners will be crisp.

Turn the sachet right side out.  Through the 1 inch gap, fill your sachet with your lavender.  Hand sew the gap closed.

Much better than a ziploc bag, right? 

Breath it in, relax and enjoy a peaceful night sleep.
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  1. What a beautiful project! I'm sure it smells as wonderful as it looks. :) Megan

  2. Cool. I've been wanting to try this transfer method - now I can cause I know right where to find instructions without searching! thanks Amy!

  3. so cute! ...perfect for a gift basket or overnight guest basket

  4. Lovely! I'm regretting not buying any of that grain sack cloth I saw at the Flea Market on Sunday. I think it would have been prefect for this...

  5. That is so pretty! Why, I'm getting sleepy just thinking about zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... :)

  6. These are wonderful! I have some lavender from Michigan that I dried and literally just this morning put in a plastic bag and thought what should I do with this? I would happily pay you for a few of these bags now that you have the technique down pat. My printer stinks and I would not attempt this.... Name your price, Miss Amy! Xoxo. Erin

  7. Love lavender scented anything!! I have got to try this transfer method. Thanks for the tutorial on it! Lovely project!

  8. This is lovely. I love the transfer....so very elegant too.

  9. Cute - Love it! I love lavender, it grows like a weed here - except at my house, go figure! I have seen that transfer method and wondered if it worked. I really want to try it.

  10. Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, ohmigosh! So, I neglected to pick up my mail last Friday, and on Saturday I was in LA. Normally two days of mail isn't too much for my box but this time it was and the PO held it. I was kind of grumpy about having to pick it up but went about an hour ago. Imagine my *delight* when I discovered that you sent me one of these sweet sachets!!! And the little chalkboard labels. I love them all! Thank you SO much, Amy :)

  11. Very pretty, Amy! That is one of my favorite graphics from the Graphics Fairy. I also made a couple of sachets recently hoping it would help me sleep.

  12. This is sooo pretty! It looks vintage. :)

  13. Ohmygosh. Um, I would buy one of these in your Etsy shop too. No joke. How CUTE IS THAT!?!?!

  14. Cute idea! Love the adhesive transfer idea!! Definitely will be borrowing this idea:D I did not know that lavender is intended to help with insomnia. Will it help with snoring too... a certain someone tends to keep me awake with that;)

  15. I would love to have one of these! I enjoyed stopping by:) Thanks for linking up To Whimsy Wednesday!
    Smart! School {House}

  16. Is there anything you CAN'T do? What a great gift idea for the holidays! Pinning this fabulous idea!

  17. Yes, that is soooo much better than a zip-loc bag! I love it, such a great idea! Way to go! S xx

  18. So pretty..and I love Lavender, it relaxes me just to think how sweet your sachets must smell. Smile.

  19. Pretty crafty and cute for a gal wearing heels.


  20. It looks very pretty! Your design is terrific. Great idea too use an existing design and change the words!
    enjoy the relaxation!


  21. New follower here! I found you through Cheerios & Lattes. I love this idea. I would love for you to come share at my Farm Girl Blog Fest: http://fresh-eggs-daily.blogspot.com/2012/10/farm-girl-blog-fest-5.html. Hope to see you there!

    Fresh Eggs Daily

  22. Oh, I just love the scent of lavender and your sachets are so adorable!

  23. Adorable sachet and great tutorial! Pinning for future reference! Thanks so much for linking on Busy Monday!

  24. I love it, the little bag is so pretty! Thanks for linking this up to The Fun In Functional!

  25. Way better than a ziplock bag! Beautiful.

    Thank you for linking up at the Wildly Original party!
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  26. What a cute idea! I've tried other cloth printing methods, but this one is new to me! Awesome. I've pinned for future reference!

  27. Love the printing idea. We use lavender around here a ton.
    Homa Style is having a Simple Holiday Gift Idea Link Party. Your sachet is lovely and I believe it would be perfect as a holiday gift idea. Please join the link party at Homa Style.
    Here’s the link
    Hope to see you there!

  28. Hello! I’m stopping in to invite you to join us at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    The Chicken Chick

  29. Love the idea and so pretty too. I love, love lavender. Diane


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