Friday, October 5, 2012

Grace's Closet

Things are about to get very real around here.

Be warned, if you have a weak stomach, look away.

I know...terrible isn't it?  This closet, in Grace's room, is both her closet and where my husband keeps his massive collection of tee shirts {they would be pared down already if I thought he wouldn't notice}.

We decided, Grace's closet was in DESPERATE need of a makeover.

As if you needed more proof, right?

So my handy husband built not just one custom shelving unit for her closet 

 But two!

And, she'll even have her own custom shoe rack.

If you are questioning if that disastrous closet can be transformed.  Let me just remind you what the master bedroom closet looked like.

And what it looks like now.

There is hope.


  1. I can't wait to see the transformation!

  2. The closet in my little ones room looks like that, so you've made me fell better. Custom shelving hmmm think I should do this. Your master closer turned out great cant wait to see Grace's.

  3. go for it! goodluck! it's really nice to have a handy husband to help especially in big projects like this...your daughter is lucky :)

    i am excited to see the outcome!


  4. Wow! Your bedroom closet looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing Grace's. Her own custom shoe rack? I'm so envious! I'm a new follower through the October Overhauling challenge.

  5. Okay, I know sometimes you two don't craft well together, but he is a keeper :) That is going to be ah-mazing!

  6. Ok, the built in shelf are just too much!!! :) great way of organize it. I think I might have to built something like that to make the most of our small closets! ...after all cutting wood for me is therapeutic!

  7. I am so impressed with you and your talented husband! Your closet looks amazing. I know how hard it is to work with challenging angled spaces like yours, and you did a brilliant job. Can't wait to see Grace's closet transformation!

  8. I can't wai tto see the transformation!! I love organized closets....although mine is a wreck. lol It's one of those things that I keep telling myself I will get to one day. lol

  9. I have an idea! Rent-a-husband! You two combined have some MAD skills! Can't wait to see!

  10. It's so nice to have a Handy Manny living with you! ;) I can't wait to see the end result of Grace's closet... I definitely have full confidence in your husband's work! You two make an awesome team!

  11. I will be following this with interest. My daughter's equally disastrous closet on my to-do list, as well. LOL Should make an interest blog series...

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  12. Oh wow! Cant wait to see how it turns out! What a teaser post ;)

  13. Your master closet is so awesome I could live in it. And I have several closets here that could easily rival Grace's! I know it's gonna look great - WOOHOO to your handy hubby!

  14. Grace's closet looks like my closet! I am looking forward to the final showing! Is your husband hiring out?? I could use some awesome shelves!

  15. Can't wait to see it when you're done! What a great hubby you have there. Have a great weekend.


  16. OHHHHH! Can't wait to see the "after" photos!!! Your master closet is great. Come do mine?

  17. I hate to admit it, but my closet looks like that. I need a makeover, there is just one high rod, with a shelf over it that I can't reach. Hmmm, maybe I could do something like that!! Great idea, and I know Grace's closet will turn out as fabulous as yours did. That little pair of shoes is so sweet~~for some reason, tiny little shoes just melt my heart!

  18. I have to tell you something...
    Something that I think every time I go to comment on one of your posts...
    You are SO LOVED!
    That shows me how closely others follow you...
    How much your posts inspire them...
    And how missed you would be in the blogging world if you ever decided to leave (please don't leave me!)...

    You are loved!

    Ok, now onto my comment for this post...

    I wish I was Grace. To have a closet with a special show rack at her age (well, at any age really!) is a girls dream.

    Can't wait to see the finished closet!

    Hugs :)

  19. I am having some major closet guilt. All of ours are a mess.


  20. I can't wait to see the transformation. :)

  21. Hi Amy,
    Props to your super handy hubby!
    I agree with Janiene, Grace is one lucky girl:)
    Can't wait for the finished closet. Thanks, Di

  22. Can't wait to see how this works out! My closet could use some new organization! :)

  23. I'm so happy your hubby is opting to customize your daughter's closet. I'm sure it's going to look great and I'm sure she's going to enjoy it. I just wish it was me have the closet makeover... ;-)


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