Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine's day 2012

I am, and continue to be, suffering from crafter's block.  Yes, writer's block for those who craft.  Sigh.  I am sure inspiration will strike soon BUT for now, I'll share some of my Valentine's inspired creations from last year.

Finger paint animal silhouette Valentine's along with some puns.

Hand print Valentine's

Eraser to stamp tutorial

5 minute Valentine's day decor, you are guaranteed to love.

Embroidered 'loved' tee shirt.

Doggie Bag Tutorial.  Perfect bag to collect all those Valentine's day cards in.

Heart shaped bird seed ornaments

Heart shaped, stamped, clay ornaments.

Dino-mite Valentine Day Cards.

'Love is all you need, all you need is love' garland.

Though I am creatively uninspired at the moment, I hope this look back on Valentine's day 2012 makes you feel inspired.


  1. You'll get it back! I know what you mean though, the more you think about it the harder it seems -Pinterest make us feel like everything has been done and maybe it has but not by us! I love the doggie bag!

  2. So many cute ideas! I especially love that little dinosaur valentine. I had crafter's block in December. I'm sure you'll find some inspiration soon. :)

  3. Great ideas! Sometimes it's nice to take a bit of a break! You'll find inspiration soon I'm sure!

  4. Love the dinosaurs - perfect for my 4 year old this year! When your creative block ends, it will be like a dam breaking so be ready!

  5. Darling ideas! I've done nothing Valentine-sy yet this year.

  6. Hehe I've been getting these blocks a lot recently so totally understand. Although it's hard for me to believe it coming from you... you're always so creative! :D

  7. Let's see. Could you do some recipes? For Valentine's Day.........or just something you love!?!?!!

  8. I do love your inspiration! And I know what you mean about crafter's block. But it will return. When you least expect it. Before you know, you'll be elbow deep in felt and mod podge ...

    :) Linda

  9. Every single one of those ideas are just too cute... I'm especially loving the mustache stamp. :D I'm in the same boat... the crafter's block boat. Lately I've been so uninspired. I thought after coming home from my trip I'd be refreshed... but nope... I've got nothing. LOL.

  10. You probably have a craft block because of all the awesomeness you made during the holidays!

    I love your mom's quilt idea! Just thinking about how fast time has gone by with my kids, make me want to cry.

  11. Hi Amy, at least you have awesome past posts to fall back on in times of need:)
    I see some of your readers have the same problem. Maybe it's just that time of year, blah. Don't worry, I'm sure you will get your mojo back soon.
    Thanks for sharing) Di


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