Thursday, August 25, 2011

Made In Indiana

Are you curious what I did with this...

I turned it into a custom onesie.

And here's how.

You'll need the following supplies: A blank outline of your state of choice to use as a pattern, I found mine here. Ultra hold Heat N Bond to attach the state without having to sew. A Faded Glory Onesie from $2 from Walmart. *The embroidered 'Made In State of your choice' on matching material. An iron, pair of scissors and a pencil.

*If you don't have an embroidery machine at your disposal, there are still options. You could hand embroider 'Made in'. Or you could simply embroider a small heart in the spot on the state where the baby was born. If embroidering is not an option for you at all, there is still hope, just find material you like for the state and cut it out without any embellishments.

Using the state pattern, trace the mirrored image out onto Heat N Bond paper. Cut the image out from the Heat N Bond leaving a generous border.

Using an iron, preheated to wool setting, iron the Heat N Bond onto the back of the embroidered material.

When the Heat N Bond has cooled, cut along the outline of the state you traced, removing all excess Heat N Bond and material.

Peel off the paper backing from your Heat N Bond.

With the state, right side up, determine where you want to attach it. When you find the perfect spot, using your iron still heated to wool setting, iron your state onto the onesie.

Allow your transfer to cool completely and then admire your finished product.

Three customized and personalized onesies completed for under $10.

The only thing left to do, send them off to this adorable baby.

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