Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not quite mastering the fine art of baking...but almost

Something about baking intimidates me. Maybe it's the control freak in me. When you bake, you have to leave what you have prepped and labored over, in the hands of the oven to complete.

I religiously save my rotten bananas to make banana bread. Sometimes the result is a success, sometimes it's overcooked on the ends and undercooked in the middle. How does that even happen? It's those rare outcomes of success that keep me believing I will one day become a baker.

When I saw a double strawberry scone recipe from Better Homes and Gardens, I was intrigued enough to get back into the kitchen in efforts to try baking once again. Scones have always appealed to me and with an ingredient list of almost everything I would have on hand, scone making began.

For the first time, after baking, I walked out of the kitchen and actually felt like I could, one day, be a baker.

If you'd like to try this recipe, you can find it here. The only thing I would (and have) changed is omitting the basil. Perhaps my palette isn't refined enough to appreciate the dimension basil brings to the scones. I prefer mine basil free. Yum!

I am actually feeling a little cocky and hope to try raspberries and white chocolate, in substitution for the strawberries, next time I make scones. Maybe I did inherit some baking genes after all.

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  1. Hello again Amy,
    Found this old post while looking around to see what I had missed (went internet-free for a few weeks). Wow, looks so delicious! I love those dried strawberries, don't you?
    Thanks for sharing (a long time ago, heehee)


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