Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank you cards

It's already been established that I love getting mail. I still believe in writing (and mailing) thank you cards. I always attempt to incorporate something visual, in addition to words of gratitude, into my cards. I'd like to think it makes getting a thank you card a bit more interesting.

Personally, I love getting and giving gift cards. When I give a gift card, curiosity usually sets in making me wonder what the recipient decided to buy. So, now when we receive a gift card, in addition to writing, 'thanks for the gift card' (I'll spare you my long diatribe of gratitude I would also insert), I like to send along a picture of what we bought, in case anyone else finds themselves in the same situation as me...curious.

Other personalized options I've included in my thank you cards are...

Including a picture either opening or enjoying the gift. When you buy something for someone, chances are you put some thought into their gift. So, I always like for them to see that their gift was a success. -Thanks Auntie Carrie for the Tinkerbell bike.

Or I like to include a picture of them from the party. It is a way of showing them that not only was I grateful for their gift, I also appreciated them being there.

Interested in the process, read on: Using word, create a text box and insert your image. The images for my gift card were taken from the store website (in this case Old Navy). Simply right click on the image, select copy image and paste it into your text box. For pictures from your computer, in word select insert, picture and locate it in your picture folder. Resize the text box so that your image will fit on your card. Print the image out, using a color printer, onto white paper. Cut the image out and glue it to your card.

Even the stamps you select can add a personalized element. Did you know you could turn your photos into USPS Stamps?

Cute, right? The possibilities are endless. One of my favorite ideas, turning your ultrasound picture into a stamp and use it for your baby shower thank you cards. Regardless the picture, what a great way to add a touch of personalization to your envelope.

Now that your card is written and personalized, drop it in the mail. I'm sure I am not the only one that loves to open the mailbox to find a handwritten card there waiting.

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