Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My love affair with letters continues

This isn't my first post about letters and I am sure it will not be my last either. Monograms, letters and initials, in any form, will always catch my eye.

It came as no surprise to my husband when I stopped to look at some alphabet tiles, while walking through a flea market (I should mention, this won't be the last post about flea markets either). I held my breath as I looked through the stack, hoping I would find a g. Just as panic started to set in, there it was, a bright and cheery g. It reminded me of Sesame Street and sunny days. I had to have it. I don't have a good poker face when it comes to things I want, which is what makes me so terrible at negotiating the price with sellers, so when I was told it was only a dollar, it seemed too good to be true. The deal was sealed and the g was mine (well, Grace's).

When I returned home, g in hand, the task of figuring out where to put it began. I guess love of reading naturally comes hand in hand with the love of all things letter related. So, when I saw The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein, which is the same color as the g I just bought, inspiration struck. I began rearranging Grace's shelves deciding to highlight some of Grace's favorite books and in turn providing a focal point for her new g.

The g looks so perfect against the simply designed, bright green cover of The Giving Tree. Just looking at that shelf brings a smile to my face.

I've decided, I am definitely going to start a collection of Gs for Grace.

Not even a week later, I was at a local thrift store and found a set of alphabet tiles, a whole set, for a dollar. Even though I wasn't sure what I would do with them, I couldn't walk away. So now $2 later, I have 27 letters (including Grace's g).

Is this an obsession OR is it just...

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