Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It tuned into a glass half full kind of a day

I had one of those days yesterday. Sleepless nights were catching up to me and I was paying the price. For example, instead of diluting Grace's juice with water, I diluted it with milk. I actually had to bypass the jug of water to grab the milk. It wasn't until I saw the milk mix with the juice that I realized my error. This should give you a good reference for my state of mind.

By the end of the night I was beyond tired and should have just gone to bed BUT I decided that instead of going to bed, I should try rearranging a few things in my kitchen.

I moved an apothecary jar just enough to send it off the counter and crashing onto the floor. It was one of those moments when time slowed down. I saw with clarity the jar hit the ground and smash into a thousand pieces.

I was devastated. I then noticed, amid the shattered ruins of my apothecary jar, the lid of the jar still intact without any damage at all. My initial impulse was to throw it out along with the broken pieces of the base.

Having engrossed myself in so many wonderful blogs about repurposing this past year, I held off on my urge to simply toss the lid in the garbage. With the lid in hand, I decided to look at my collection of vases. *You know the type of collection I am talking about, the vases that sit under your sink waiting for those few times a year when they are dusted off to showcase a flower arrangement.* That's when I saw a beautiful yet simple vase we got as a wedding present.

Fate intervened and by chance, the top of the apothecary jar fit perfectly *PERFECTLY* into my beloved but barely ever used wedding vase.

The devastation over my shattered apothecary jar was quickly replaced with pure joy. Despite that sleepless nights had impaired my brain functions, I was able to think outside the box and repurpose the lid of my jar and find a reason to dust off a forgotten about wedding gift.

Lesson learned, sometimes it's not worth crying over spilt milk, or broken glass in this case. If I had followed on my initial instinct and thrown the top away, I would have missed a great opportunity.

If you are curious, this all started because I felt the need to redecorate, my impulse, though ill timed, was right, it did look better moved.

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