Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Balloons = Party Location Theory

I remember watching the movie Stepmom while Julia Roberts, attempting to pick up her stepdaughter from a birthday party, is driving around frantically trying to figure out which house is the house. In a panic Julia calls their mom, Susan Sarandon who answers simply, find the house with the balloons and you've found the house.

I can relate to Julia Roberts in this scene because being a mom of a 3 year old, kids parties are still relatively new to me. Chances are this simply theory of balloons=party location might have eluded me. Plus, I have a TERRIBLE sense of direction and often find myself frantically lost.

Though I had balloons prepared, ready to flag down anyone well versed in the balloon=party location theory, I also added "Happy Birthday Grace" to our front of our risers on our front porch stairs. Thanks to my Silhouette and some black vinyl!

Not only did it eliminate the question 'is this the right house' for our guests but it also provided a great photo area.

Like many things, I didn't realize until after the fact, I hadn't taken a picture of just the birthday girl on her stairs. So the next day, with the promise of cupcakes, I had a willing participant and some great pictures to mark her 3rd birthday.


  1. So was nosy today and was trying to find your first post ever. Ha! What a great idea to use the vinyl there for this party as well. PS - Stepmom is the best movie. Megan

    1. So funny, I've been doing some serious stalking today - but not in heels


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