Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paint Your Own Pottery

I've always been intrigued by paint your own pottery places. They seem like such fun, whimsical places where creative possibilities are endless. After finding a local studio, I decided it was time to finally try it out.

The only problem, when I am confronted with a completely blank slate, I almost start to panic. I get lost in the possibilities and can't seem to pinpoint a direction I want to follow. I realize, this is ridiculous. This should be a fun experience.

I finally decided I would do Grace's hand print on a decorative plate. Easy enough. Then came deciding on colors (ugh, another decision). My 'go to' colors tend to be white and red so that's what I selected. With paintbrush in hand, Grace begin to paint the plate.

I helped her add her chubby little hand print to the center of the plate and passed it along to be fired. We waited a week and anxiously went to retrieve our treasure. Though, I should have been excited about our creation, I couldn't get the image of Wilson from Cast Away out of my head. Do you see what I mean.

Lesson learned, probably not a good decision to do either a hand print or fingerprints in red paint. So, I decided to give it to a grandma. Grandmas have to love this sort of personalized gift, right? I was right, she loved it!

Disappointed my masterpiece didn't quite turn out as I had hoped, I decided to give it another try. I selected a square tile, with the intention of adding some felt to the back and using it as a trivet when finished. I still wanted to incorporate Grace in some way so, I painted a tree trunk and had Grace dip her fingertip in varying colors of green to make the leaves. Quick and simple.

This one, I'm keeping!

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  1. LOL! Yes, I see poor Wilson on that plate ... and my daughter still talks about (and cries about) the scene where he loses Wilson ...




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