Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birth Date Onesie Tutorial

I have been smitten with the idea of a birth date onesie, thanks to Pinterest and Sugar Photography. Not only is the idea of a birth date onesie adorable BUT just imagine the photo options it provides.

Fortunately, I have 2 good friends both expecting their second babies. I knew I wanted to make my own version of this adorable onesie for both of them.

Welcome to the world Jude. Can you guess what day he was born?

I may be biased BUT isn't that one of the cutest baby pictures?

To make your own, sorry adorable baby not included, you'll need:

Transfer Paper, I bought a package of 12 for less than $10 (you are able to get 2 calendar images from 1 sheet of transfer paper)
Onesie, Did you know that Walmart sells Faded Glory organic cotton Onesies for $2?
An Iron
A printer

Either search for an image of the month needed or make your own. I made my own. Ehow has a great tutorial that walks you through the process of creating your own calender using word.

When you have the image you want for the calendar month, place it into a word document. Using word, you will be able to highlight the date the baby was born by inserting a shape, in this case a circle.

Your cursor will turn to a crossbar. Using your mouse, you will be able to draw a circle over the birth date. By Default, your circle will be filled in and outlined.

You'll want to remove the fill from your circle.

This now allows for you to view the number behind it.

If you are interested in changing the outline color of the circle, you have that option as well.

In this case, I selected red.

If needed, you can arrow up, down or right and left to adjust the exact placement of the circle over the date.

You will need to create a mirror image of your calendar, in order for it to be ironed on in the right direction.

Some printers will allow you to print flipped on the horizontal. If your printer does not give you that option, save your calendar as a pdf. Pull your pdf image into either Photoshop or Picnik. Picnik is a free online photo editing website. In Picnik upload your pdf image, go to the edit tab, rotate and select flip < i > to mirror the image. Then save your mirrored image as a jpg. In Photoshop upload your pdf image, select OK, go to image ->rotate ->flip horizontal ->file save as a jpg.

With the calendar now saved as a mirror image, open a new word document. Insert picture, if you click on the image you should be able to resize it. Print a test copy on paper to check the size against the onesie.

When you have the size you want, print it on your transfer paper. Once printed, trim around your image leaving 1/4 of an inch around the sides.

Iron your onesie free of any wrinkles. Place your transfer paper, image side facing down, centered, on the onesie.

Making sure your iron is set on the highest cotton setting and has been heating for approximately 8 minutes, begin to iron on your transfer paper. Apply firm pressure with your iron, working in all directions for 3 minutes.

When the transfer paper has completely cooled off, use a fingernail to gently lift one corner of the paper backing.

Hold down the fabric and continue working the paper backing off of the onesie until it is completely removed.

Then sit back and admire a job well done.

The finished product a personalized, homemade gift for under $3.

You could also make a onesie for a baby shower gift and include a sharpie for the birth date to be filled out when the baby arrives.


  1. Such a cute idea & it would make a good gift. Pinning for when my nephew is born in March!

    PS> sweet, sweet baby

    1. Jennifer, thank you SO much for your feedback. I am sure your nephew will look adorable in one of these onesies. Thanks for pinning me!

  2. This is such an awesome idea with an adorable model. So sweet!

    1. Thanks for sharing the love fellow Tatertots and Jello linker!

  3. So smart, I'm pinning this right now and making it for the next baby born in our family!


  4. What an adorable project, Amy! I love this tutorial and have pinned it to try it out asap. Megan


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